“They’re punishing law-abiding citizens,” said Mike Williams of East Aurora, New York. “You do everything right and they still take it away from you. Criminals don’t follow the law.”

That’s the general consensus of gun-owning citizens in upstate New York as more and more gun control bills are introduced to a vote. Some have pointed out the fact that the newest NY bill, which looks to ban charity gun raffles, probably won’t pass a vote… but that doesn’t stop locals from feeling their rights slowly slipping through their fingers.

The fact that these measures are even being written and introduced into state politics is enough to suggest that we, as Americans in 2019, are beginning to see the deterioration of the Second Amendment.

Since Democrats took control of the NY State Legislature in November, a number of bills have been passed, including an increase in timing for background checks, requirements on how owners must store their guns, and full on ban on accessories such as bump-stocks.

Across the country we’ve seen more and more change. States raised age requirements for purchasing guns. Ammo dealers in California have to check with the Justice Department before selling rounds. Gun owners in Washington could face jail time if their gun somehow gets into the hands of someone who is banned from owning firearms. The list goes on.

A multitude of Sheriff’s Departments and law enforcement officers across the country have said that when the time comes for guns to be taken off the streets, they will not comply.

But what if it wasn’t one defining moment? What if it wasn’t a National Emergency declared by the President? (which Democrats threatened to do in 2020…)

What if the change was implemented slowly, piece-by-piece, an inch at a time?

The ban on bump-stocks is a huge issue. Hear me out. It’s not because we necessarily want to have them, but because at what point is the line drawn?  What becomes the standard of what is and isn’t okay?

When do red-dot sights get flagged? What happens when they outlaw magazines over 5 rounds?

We know from history that when someone evil is going to commit a crime, they find a way to do it.

Whether it’s a knife. 

Or a bomb.

Or a vehicle.

Or even bleach and a noose…. Oh wait.

A gun rights activist was even removed from a public hearing at the Connecticut State Capitol this week for visibly threatening to shoot a lawmaker if she had a gun.

Turns out there are some pro-gun liberals. Who would’ve thought?

Pay attention to these bills. Read up on your rights. And make your voice heard before politicians take it away from you.