Shopping for other people can be difficult. Lucky for you, the Whiskey Patriots are here to recommend the most badass gifts on the market this Christmas.


Bottle Breacher– These guys are literally incredible. After a successful appearance on Shark Tank, retired Navy SEAL Eli and his wife Jen have taken the country by storm. The tools once used on the battlefield are now brought right into your living room. While their original invention was a bullet bottle opener, this crew of veterans and patriotic Americans now offer coolers, coozies, t-shirts, hats, humidors, grilling tools, keychains, coasters and so much more. Plus, you can customize just about anything to make the gift even more personal. We’ve yet to see a cop or a veteran not have a total happiness breakdown when receiving one of these. Get after it!

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Battle Grounds Coffee Company– With a name like Battle Grounds you know this company was started by a vet. Retired Navy SEAL Sal and his wife Dana are at the forefront of patriotic grinds in Massachusetts. Their brick and mortar cafes play home to local events and organizations and serve some absolutely delicious grub. If you’re not in New England, don’t fret. These beans can be shipped right to your door.

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INFORCE– We work alongside the crew from INFORCE a lot. Our sister company The Silent Partner is constantly using their lights for field production and on the range, both under the water and in the skies. If you want to get a good idea what these guys are all about, go watch our Texas Hog Hunt video.  We can’t name names, but these lights are represented in police department and government agencies across the US and are perfect for that home defense weapon.



Soldier Solutions LLC– Owned and operated by UConn football player Frank Quagliano, this pro-veteran and law enforcement company is a huge player in the community. When you purchase their gear, a portion of proceeds is donated to Train a Dog, Save a Warrior to help match veterans with service dogs. You might’ve seen them during fair season or at the Big E, but this group of road warriors has a store location right here in Wallingford, Connecticut. They aim to offer support and employment to as many veterans as they can and are perfect for any America-loving patriot.

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Battle Brothers Shave – As they say, keep your friends close and your shave closer. Look, there are a lot of great beards out there, but someone has to keep all that scruff under control. These single-blade razors and accessories come from a veteran-owned team. Their mission says it best: ‘Battle Brothers Shaving Co. is a company for warriors, by warriors. It was born out of brotherhood, service and self-sacrifice.’

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SIG SAUER– Pretty soon the episode of The Real Man Show at SIG SAUER’s facility in New Hampshire is going to drop. Not only are these some of the nicest people on the planet, but their product speaks volumes about their commitment to quality. We spent a whole day shooting handguns and rifles in the freezing cold and couldn’t have had bigger smiles on our faces. If you’re buying a new firearm this year, better make it a SIG.



First Tactical– Our Founder Kyle absolutely will not shut up about how much he loves his First Tactical bags. The man is constantly on the road, so when taking travel advice, we’re all ears. This company offers all sorts of durable daily carry options, whether you prefer a messenger bag, a backpack, or something a bit heftier. If you don’t need a pack, the company also offers hats, shirts, tactical gear and more.

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Traeger Pellet Grills– When these guys found out we were putting together a barbecue for the Operation Innocence Task Force and a seminar for cops regarding human trafficking and DeliverFund, they absolutely hooked us up. The team supports military and law enforcement, and help turn an ordinary cook into a master chef. Got a slab of tasty meat? Toss it on the Traeger.

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OtterBox Venture American Flag Cooler– We were happy to turn our backs on Yeti once they ended their NRA partnership. Since we blew up our last cooler, we needed a new one. The American Flag cooler from OtterBox not only keeps our American-made beer cold, it helps us show off how unapologetically patriotic we are in public.

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13 Fifty Apparel– 13 Fifty is LEO owned and operated and produces some of the most hardcore back-the-blue themed apparel.  These shirts, patches and more are the ideal gift for the emergency responder in your family.

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Honor Defense– For the shooter in your life… American ingenuity, American craftsmanship, American engineering. When tested, these firearms were more accurate than Glock, Walther, and the Smith & Wesson Shield.

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Notch Gear– Finally the hat and sunglasses combo can be pulled off without sacrificing precious real estate on your head. Notch Gear sells veteran and patriotic-themed hats, sunglasses and apparel. Get after it!

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Gatorz Eyewear– We can’t say enough good things about this company. Stylish, durable, and badass sunglasses from a group of awesome Americans. Every pair you buy comes with a lifetime warranty and they even offer a military discount.

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Georgia Land & Cattle– Danny Merrit, co-founder of Nine Line Apparel collaborated with some friends to bring America the best barbecue sauce and rubs, hot sauce and seasoning we’ve had in some time. Their line of apparel brings out the beauty of the southern lifestyle.

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Cruise Custom Flags– Hold the freaking phone. American flags crafted out of old Kentucky bourbon barrels? Sold. What started as a unique gift to their veteran fathers has begun a movement that swept across the country.

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Jody’s Meat– Nothing quite satisfies your mouth like Jody’s Meat. Veteran owned, unapologetically patriotic (just go follow their Instagram and you’ll see what we mean) and quite honestly some of the best damn beef jerky on the market. Think you can take on the Carolina Reaper flavor without crying? Send us your videos! And just to sweeten the deal, use promo code: whiskeypatriots for 20% OFF.

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Flamethrower – I mean…. This one kinda speaks for itself, right? Amazon won’t ship the “Bug A-Salt” rifle to Connecticut, but they’ll ship a flamethrower. Not going to argue semantics on this one… just going to go ahead and add that bad boy to the cart.

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Whiskey Patriots Membership– For the guy who has everything…. Join the Whiskey Patriots family and become part of the movement taking the nation by storm. Members get exclusive access to discounts on travel and hotels, become part of a community of American-loving patriots, get access to life-changing events, free gifts and so much more.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the entire Whiskey Patriots crew!