“Evil Triumphs When Good Men Do Nothing.”

My Fellow Americans,

Hundreds of emails, LinkedIn and Facebook messages are flooding in and many people are asking the same question: “What exactly IS this ‘Whiskey Patriots’ thing all about?

On July 4, 2018, we did a “soft launch” of The Whiskey Patriots.  Even though we’re still finalizing the membership platform, we thought it was an appropriate time for us to come out of the closet.  After all, what better day than Independence Day to declare the freedom of Americans from the shackles that the mainstream and social media has put on us for years?

Our entire lives, we’ve known America as “The United States”.

But somewhere along the lines we became divided.

Civil discourse died.  Social media caused us to hate our own neighbors and family members.

The mainstream media convinced us that there was only “right” and “left”.

Throughout the history of America, there have been times of divisiveness. Many will point to the Vietnam War and Desert Storm as examples.

But has there ever been a time that our country was as violently polarized as we are today?  Where information warfare isn’t just in overdrive… it’s in the palm of our hands?

Yet somewhere in the middle, your average American has fallen through the cracks.  Middle America feels as if their voice doesn’t matter.  They’ve been forgotten about.  Their struggles, their stories, their lives… no longer important because of the “hot topic” of the day that’s trending on social media.

Enter: The Whiskey Patriots

When our Founding Fathers were drafting The Constitution, they didn’t have easy access to clean drinking water… and so they sipped whiskey.  “The Whiskey Patriots” is a tribute to the founding values of our country.

Are you a patriotic American?  Do you support our veterans and our first responders? Do you want an America for our future generations that’s even better than the America we’ve always known?  If so… then you are a Whiskey Patriot – you don’t even need to drink whiskey.


We are a home for your average American who feels disenfranchised.  Who feels forgotten.  Who wants to provide for their family and still be able to help others.

It was recently described by one of our board members like this:

Imagine what would happen if Drudge Report, Breitbart, CRTV, Amazon, Facebook, Chambers of Commerce, the Fraternal Order of Police, Rotary and the VFW had a baby.

It would be named “Whiskey Patriot”.

The Whiskey Patriots isn’t just a concept… it’s a community.  It’s an area where your average, everyday American can connect with fellow patriots, patriotic companies and thought leaders.

It’s a home where you can learn about incredible people and remarkable organizations doing inspiring things and touching lives.

It’s a place where we can have candid and authentic conversations and discussions about difficult topics and not be shamed for sharing thoughts or asking questions.

It’s a gathering of patriotic Americans, first responders, veterans, community leaders, entrepreneurs and everyone who believes in America.

It’s a hybrid where an online news organization and the stories of everyday Americans meld with a digital, patriotic Chamber of Commerce… a social network… and a digital marketplace.  And it’s powered by a community that’s seen the erosion of their own reach on social media because of their political perspective.

There will be two different types of membership – one for individual members and one for businesses.  This is how we’ll connect the greatest patriots in America with the companies looking to serve them.  That’s all coming very soon.

These are your stories.  These are your businesses  This is OUR America.

Our Family: Whiskey Patriots Across America

You’ve probably heard of the VFW.  The Elk’s Lodge.  Kiwanis Clubs.  Countless others.  They are incredible organizations run and supported by some remarkable people.  But they all have one thing in common – their membership is dying off.

Let’s face it.  Their membership skews much older because the younger generation just doesn’t have the time, attention or interest in attending regular “meetings”, fulfilling minimum amounts of community service and paying annual fees for something they just won’t use.  The “Robert’s Rules of Order” and seemingly endless motions and yay’s and nay’s… along with the non-profit structure… get in the way of actually executing as much action as we’d like to see… and so many just don’t join.

That presents a big problem.  These organizations change lives for the better every day.  To lose what they stand for would be to lose a vital part of the fabric of America. Enter: The Whiskey Patriots.

In every state, we are starting chapters of The Whiskey Patriots.  These organizations will have a trustee and leadership board that will help connect patriotic Americans.  The role of the chapters is to bring together influencers and community leaders to support the organization, the members and needs within the community.

Whiskey Patriots will take an oath – whether they are civil servant or civilian – to fight for their fellow Americans and to always stand up for what’s right.


To become a member of Whiskey Patriots Across America, one must simply be a current member in good standing.  If you are, you may attend meetings.

Outside of your annual Whiskey Patriots membership, there will be no additional fee to become a member, except signing the oath and taking a pledge of service above self.


The Whiskey Patriots Across America is NOT a non-profit.  It’s… non-existent.  It’s simply a gathering of like-minded individuals who happen to be Whiskey Patriots.

Think of it as the umbrella that protects and supports all service organizations.

When local and patriotic non-profits (i.e. VFW, Elks, etc.) come to us… we will provide them support and volunteers when possible.  But what we will GUARANTEE is local and national distribution for the messaging about their event.  We’ll publish an article on The Whiskey Patriots website that they can use to promote their cause.  We’ll also offer discounted rates to their members to become Whiskey Patriots.

When the state chapters of The Whiskey Patriots are looking to coordinate an event, it’ll be done without money ever touching our organization.  Take, for example, the concept of putting on an event to honor wounded police officers. We’d find partner organizations that support them and work with them to put on the event… allowing the fundraising to go directly to the organizations.  We will not take a penny.  This is entirely about service above self.

Perhaps our most important ongoing goal and mission will be to protect children whenever possible.  We’ll work with Operation Innocence to help provide support and resources to schools to implement common sense solutions to stop school shootings.

On the more camaraderie side… we’ll do patriotic things together and coordinate community-building events.

Senior leadership in each chapter will be invited to an annual national retreat for training, leadership development and team building.

Whiskey Patriots will rise across America… in every town, city, state and region.

Together we will serve our neighbors, our country and our God.

Brothers and sisters… I have a two simple “asks”:

  1. Will you please help us spread the word about this? Simply share this article with #WhiskeyPatriots.
  2. Sign up for the newsletter and we’ll keep you updated on memberships, upcoming events, announcements, etc.  We promise we won’t SPAM you.  We don’t have time – we’re too busy bringing America together again.

God bless you all and God bless America.


Kyle S. Reyes

Founder, The Whiskey Patriots