What is this generation? Are you not entertained?
While you slumber and play, the creature has you chained.

You hear my voice of anger, you see that I’m enraged.
You think I’m alone, yet the battle has been staged.
Behind me are millions preparing to fight.
My voice is not the lone voice in the night.

While we slumbered, while we slept, the enemy crept.
Enslaving us $21 trillion in debt.
They spoke promises and delightful words that tickled our ears.
Yet behind closed doors they plotted our worst fears.

They toy with our children in plain sight.
Yet truly they are the thief in the night.
While we labor and sweat to pay taxes each year.
They vote themselves raises so they’ll never shed a tear.

Our good men and women volunteer all these years.
To foreign lands they have gone and endured nightmarish fears.
Their blood has been spilt, their lives taken away.
How much blood will it take to hold jihad at bay?

Yet our Congress carries on without batting an eye.
They open our borders and America lets out a big sigh.
Illegals flood in and our system is strained.
How many invaders will it take for our dollars to be drained?

Up rose a leader from The People within.
His purpose is great, to expose the swamp creature’s sin.
Yet the creature slithers and continues to lie.
Like the serpent of old, the dragon refusing to die.

Where are The People? This is their fight!
Will they arise to wipe the enemy from sight?

What is this generation? Are you not entertained?
What will it take for the giant to be unchained?
In this land of freedom, our amendments could die.
Will you sit by idly and watch them go by.

Will you be the generation that tells the tales of old?
To your children and your grandchildren how you watched America fold.
Or will you awaken and arise from your sleep?
Or will you not be bothered to utter a peep?

The clock is ticking, the time is near.
There is so much at risk, so much to hold dear.
The enemy is plotting and planning our demise.
The People are enraged, are fed up with the lies.

You hear my one lone voice, and think I’m alone
Yet the Revolution is rising to rip them from their throne.
Our percent may be small, it may be but three.
But against 535, it’s plenty to bend their knee.

Socialism, Communism, One World Government they try.
Death to Tyrants and Traitors, is our battle cry!
For We are The People, the giant within!
We are going to make them pay for their sin!

Our country’s great gifts, sweet freedom we love.
We will not go easy, for our Lord is from above.
On belief in our God this country was made.
Our Constitution drafted, ratified, and laid.

Our foundation is strong and our footing secure.
This great battle brewing, our great country will endure.
What is this generation, are you not entertained?
Rise up Ole Glory, break loose and fight to be unchained!

For we are The People and we are willing to fight!
We are prepared for the battle to rage into the night!
The Federal Government we created and designed each feature.
The Second Amendment is our gift to reign in our out of control creature.

America is ours, we can’t let her perish!
For our children, we will fight, to keep what we cherish!
What is this generation? Are you not entertained?
WE will be the generation that got the creature contained!

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a proud Whiskey Patriot, entrepreneur, business owner, writer, commentator, speaker, defender of the Second Amendment, shooting enthusiast, CrossFit athlete, wife, and mother redeemed through grace.  She states: “Our life is a sum total of our decisions. Every day I have the gift to choose to make it an amazing life.”