Did you know that in San Francisco, you can inject heroin into your veins at “safe injection sites” and not be arrested?  And that The Public Works Department picks up more than 12,500 discarded needles every month at homeless hot spots and encampments?

Heroin – no problem.  But God forbid you break the law and use a plastic straw… you could face jail time.

What happened to our country?

Two years ago, it was totally legal to buy a bump stock in Massachusetts.

Now that same accessory that was legally purchased could land you in prison for life.  Something that was totally legal could get you a more severe sentence than raping a woman.

What happened to our country?

People hate President Trump so much that they’re hoping for the downfall of America, the start of war and the collapse of our economy so that he looks bad.

As my wife pointed out, that’s like being on a plane at 40,000 feet and hating the pilot so much that you hope he crashes.

What happened to our country?

The left has made the case that Russia is interfering with our elections and demands that we protect the electoral voting system.  But suggest that we require ID’s for voters so we can protect the electoral voting system?  YOU’RE A RACIST!  Wait – I need my ID to buy booze?  No problem – I’ll take a six pack.

Celebrities live in walled-off, multimillion dollar compounds to keep out those who don’t belong.  But according to them, walls don’t work and you’re a bigot for proposing them.

Those same celebrities shout “gun control!” at the top of their lungs… while surrounded by armed guards and tell you that you’re a Redneck because you’re man enough to carry your OWN gun.

What happened to our country?

Our daughters need a note from parents for permission to take Advil.  But those same teenage girls are allowed to make decisions on abortion with no one else even having a right to know.

Speaking of school, parents are required to sign a permission slip for kids to go on a field trip… but they’re not required to take responsibility for their kids while in school.

They pass laws that keep my wife from knowing about my medical condition, but the IRS has access to my medical spending.

Men and women are old enough to fight and die for our country.  But God forbid they be allowed to buy a gun or a beer.

What happened to our country?

Judges release criminals and terrorists here in the United States to fit their own political agenda, and then scream that President Trump is putting our country at risk because he tweets and it hurts their feelings.

The left argues that their beliefs are based on science and mine are fairy tales, then makes all their arguments on emotions and says my logic is hate.  They declare that global warming is a settled science, but apparently the biological difference between a man and a woman is not.

They demand we take in refugees fleeing collapsing socialist countries then rally around socialist candidates and declare they are the future of America.

They demand free speech – unless, of course, you’re a conservative speaker who is giving a presentation at a college campus.

What happened to our country?

They attack President Trump for being in a picture with a biker who has a patch on his vest about beer and breasts… then they turn a professional escort named Stormy Daniels into a national treasure.

They are applauded for destroying and removing his star from Hollywood, but nobody says a peep about the Hollywood stars of those accused of sexually assaulting women.

Then they say President Trump is anti-women… but Samantha Bee is applauded for calling Ivanka Trump the “c” word”.

They say they are all about diversity, then mock the first lady’s accent when reading a children’s book to students.

What happened to our country?

Dozens of people die on his watch… yet a liberal mayor gets to keep his job.

Portland leaders force police to stand down when ICE agents are under attack and call for help.

City leaders tell police facing attacks and riots that they need to remove their masks and shields so they don’t “upset” the rioters.

Then they encourage lawlessness by passing “sanctuary city” laws and giving handouts to illegal aliens while ignoring our starving Americans and veterans.

The government tells businesses what they have to disclose, while preventing the public from knowing what they’re doing.

What happened to our country?

They refuse to provide adequate support, treatment and resources for our combat veterans who have seen brutal and bloody wars.

Then they call for a Civil War here in America, a battle they seemingly plan on fighting with their bongs and sex toys. Then, when the powder keg explodes and those with the training and guns rise up and put an end to this crap… they’ll lie in the battlefield that was once our cities and towns and they’ll ask…

What happened to our country?

Kyle S. Reyes is the founder of The Whiskey Patriots, Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing, and the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. Reyes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on patriotism and leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing by storytelling. You can follow him on Facebook.