With the midterms creeping up on us, the political line between left and right has never been clearer and more divisive.

With new leaders of the democratic party emerging like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, leading campaigns to sell far left policies deeply rooted in historical failure to their base versus and Republicans running on the success of President Trump, my prediction is a landslide for Republicans in the house.

Despite what the media covers, the success of this administration cannot be denied. So why would everyone not get behind at least the good things the President is doing? Begging the question, what do Democrats actually stand for?

Many of the policies they promote on the Democrat’s party homepage are literally what Donald Trump has either proposed or in fact accomplished.  For example, “raising worker’s wages”, “infrastructure”, “fostering a manufacturing renaissance” and “promoting trade that is fair and benefits the American worker”.

However, if you hear a democrat’s campaign, they resist all of the President’s efforts to accomplish anything. They campaign for:

  • wealth redistribution
  • state controlled “free” health care
  • open boarders
  • a foreign policy of appeasement
  • and, of course, resisting the President

‘God never intended for one group of people to live in superfluous inordinate wealth while others live in abject deadening poverty,’” -Nancy Pelosi

Irony from someone whose net worth exceeds 100 million dollars.  Nevertheless, wealth redistribution is a key platform of the Democratic Party.

Historically known as communism or socialism, it has never worked.

Just some 60 years ago, people were thrown in jail for the mere allegation of an affiliation with communism.

Two decades later, America was almost willing to wage a nuclear war against Russia to prevent communism from spreading.

Yet in 2016, a legitimate contender for the Democratic Presidential nomination ran as a socialist. The left is pushing the economic policies that have destroyed every nation it has been associated with. The ideals and principles of socialism have been resurrected by the left who simply changed the name to “progressivism” and wrapped it up in shiny promise of “free stuff”. If theses policies actually worked, why are liberal utopias crime ridden and deep in debt?

“We will start by reducing (healthcare) premiums by as much as $2500 per family per year” -President Obama

State controlled healthcare, AKA socialized medicine, was not only Obama’s signature legislation and his greatest failure, but produced a net negative for the average American’s healthcare. Obamacare expanded the overburdened Medicare system, jacked up the cost of health insurance by more than 100 percent in some states and did almost nothing to address the cost of the services of health care.

Many districts were left with little or even no choice on the exchanges, the promise of keeping your plan, or doctor, went up in smoke and the big hand of government forced people to purchase private products that were on most occasions inferior to what they already had. Years later, with the individual mandate repealed, democrats continue to hang on to a socialized healthcare plan that already failed the American people.

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open boarders sometime in the future…” -Hillary Clinton

Open borders and amnesty, another Democratic party platform, does not put America first. This policy is reflected by those who are less concerned with the wellbeing of our own citizens and security of our nation, than with people who are entering the country illegally.

Republicans and President Trump are not anti-immigrant, we simply want to know who is coming here and why. Such reasonable logic could have prevented the murder of Kate Steinlie among many others.

We also do not wish to reward those who break the law with citizenship above those that came here legally. For Democrats, this is selfishly about votes, they think that if they grant citizenship to 12 million plus people “on behalf of humanity” they will guarantee voter/party loyalty…and they might.  But to think that the democratic party is doing this in the interest of “humanity” is preposterous.  This is about maintaining power.

“If you want to negotiate with (North Korean leader) Kim Jong Un, and your goal is to avoid war and try to be able to have a diplomatic resolution, the worst thing you can do is first threaten to destroy his country in the United Nations,” -John Kerry

Months later after President Trump’s continued pressure, leaders of North and South Korea met to end the multigenerational Korean war and Kim Jong Un agreed to denuclearize.

The Foreign policy of the progressive left is nothing short of appeasement and lowers our standing on the world stage. Obama’s non-interventionalist policies gave pallets of cash to Iran, bowed to foreign leaders and went on a global apology tour.

Did it work? No.

It was a dismal failure resulting in the creation of ISIS, North Korea’s increased hostility, debilitating cuts to our military and other threats to America. Much like immigration, democrats put the desires of other countries, even those that don’t like us, in front of our own interests.

I will go and take Trump out tonight,”-Maxine Waters

The only actionable statement of policy from the democratic party since President Trump was elected has been to resist his agenda.

If you go to the democratic party platform page, the first thing on their priorities list is “raising workers’ wages”.

President Trump has done that, so why do they fight him on literally everything? It doesn’t matter what issue, no matter if they voted for it last cycle or last decade – if Trump stands for it, they’re are against it, even to the detriment of America.

This quintet of issues IS the platform of democrats. Anyone who opposes these views have been labeled foolish, heartless, racist or any variant corresponding. We are in an ideological war between a party that is diving headfirst into the policies of historical blunders verses a party supporting the policies that made us the greatest nation in history. It is truly frightening that after all this, our elections remain a 50/50 proposition.

Carl Higbie served as a US Navy SEAL. He completed two combat deployments to Iraq in 2007 and 2009 where he led his team to capture the infamous “Butcher of Fallujah.” Subsequently, he returned to take a senior training position for his remaining three years where he taught high-risk evolutions such as Close Quarters Combat and Air operations.

It was during this time that Carl released his first book “Battle on the Home Front,” which brought to light many problems, some political in nature that were plaguing our country and the military. The book led to a highly publicized battle against a politically charged machine reaching to the White House.Two years after leaving the military, Carl emerged victorious against all odds, which his new book “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” is based on.

Carl has owned three successful business’ in his tenure including his current consulting firm Ameriman LLC. He has been an integral player on dozens of campaigns including President Trump’s chief surrogate during the campaign as well as the communication director and Spokesman for Great America Super PAC.His latest book was released on May 10th 2016; “Enemies, Foreign and Domestic, A SEAL’s Story.”

He currently sits on the advisory board of “Heartbeat for Warriors” as well as “Heroes to Heroes.”  Carl is quickly becoming one of the most respected authorities on politics, military and national security. His natural leadership skills coupled with his experience as a Navy SEAL make him uniquely qualified to comment on a range of issues. An intelligent and eloquent orator, he has become a fixture on both Fox News and CNN, where he is frequently called upon to provide insight on a variety of matters. Moreover, he served as a presidential appointee as the chief of external affairs for the Corporation for National and Community Service and is now an advisor to the Urban Revitalization Coalition.

Higbie is the creator of the new patriotic podcast Liberty and Cocktails.