They put their lives on the line every single day.  Their families have made sacrifices for years.  And yet somehow there have been precious few companies looking out for them when it comes to one of the biggest financial decisions they’ll ever make – buying a home.

Enter: Honor The Brave.

I was blessed to meet Zanna and Jeff Wolfgang last year.  They are the founders of this incredible company.

Jeff was a police officer who was wounded and almost killed in the line of duty.

Zanna was working in real estate.  They were high school sweethearts with a couple of beautiful children.

The road to recovery was a difficult one… with Jeff battling depression as he tried to heal the physical and emotional wounds that the attack left him with.

They say time heals wounds.  They also say love heals.  But in this case, entrepreneurship sped up that recovery.

Jeff and Zanna decided they still wanted to be able to live a life of service. And so they started Honor the Brave to support emergency responders and veterans.

Here’s how it works.  They vet out real estate agents across the country, partnering with those who have made a commitment to the men and women who serve and protect our communities and our country.

When a veteran or emergency responder decides it’s time to buy or sell a home, they go through Honor the Brave.  When they close on their home, they’re given a check of an amount equal to 10% of the real estate agent’s commission as a “thank you” for their service.

But that’s not all.

Honor the Brave then sends out a check in an amount equal to 5% of that commission to a non-profit organization of the buyer’s choosing… in the buyer’s name. They’re also then presented with a gift as a tribute to their service.

Every day, emails come into The Whiskey Patriots asking for advice on who to do business with.

“Who owns that business?  Are they one of us?

In the case of Honor the Brave… it’s a resounding “yes”.  They’re one of us… and they’re here to serve.

Check them out here.


Kyle S. Reyes is the founder of The Whiskey Patriots, Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing, and the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. Reyes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on patriotism and leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing by storytelling. You can follow him on Facebook.