If you’re like many, you’re getting ready to make New Year’s resolutions.

Lose weight.  Find a new job.  Stop smoking.

We think life is so difficult.

Until we realize that for some … their resolution is just to keep it together day by day.  Not to thrive, but just to survive. 

All across America, families celebrated the Christmastime holidays without their loved ones … because their loved ones were killed in the line of duty.

Little boys and girls that had the magic of Christmas ripped away from them because daddy was shot by a thug while he was patrolling the streets and trying to keep the neighborhood safe.

Wives … husbands … who avoided Christmas parties so they wouldn’t have to endure the looks of pity from friends and loved ones.  After all, what do you say to a grieving spouse?

Mothers … fathers … who think back to the spirit of the season when their kids were growing up … but outlived their own children who were killed by criminals while holding the thin blue line.

It’s easy for people to take for granted the blessings of loved ones that we have in our lives.

It’s easy for people to take a knee out of disrespect to those who protect us.

But it’s difficult to imagine the pain that a family experiences knowing their loved one will not be coming home ever again.

And so let’s all vow to make a simple resolution this year – to pay tribute.

To respect.

To honor the lives lost that we never knew … the memories that will be cherished among their families … the stories that will never be written … and the dreams that will never be fulfilled.

A resolution to say a prayer for those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and for the loved ones that they left behind.

In 2018, let’s resolve together to never forget.  It’s the least we can do for those who gave everything.