Just when I thought things couldn’t get more insane than “goat yoga”… someone said “hold my beer.” Check this out.

In business, sometimes you need to take a good hard look at whether or not your staff is busy enough for you to justify their salaries.

It’s something the town of Manchester, Connecticut needs to do … as the general manager has apparently found himself so bored that he’s going after goats and yoga instructors.

You read that right.

Scott Shanley, who according to the Hartford Courant in 2014 made $166,533 (a number that has surely increased since then) has decided a priority this month is attacking small businesses that are helping bring stress relief to people.

He’s going after Aussakita Acres Farm, which has been offering “goat yoga” with a local yoga instructor for about three months. He sent the farm owner a cease-and-desist letter saying the farm is in violation of Board of Zoning regulations.

He says the farm is “not zoned properly for health and recreation use.” The letter states that goat yoga is not considered a farm activity because it doesn’t have anything to do with farming or agritourism.

Right. Goats have nothing to do with agritourism. Just like jackasses have nothing to do with local politics.

The owner of the farm pointed out that the town doesn’t even define what “farming” or “agriculture” is … and says the farm can’t be in violation of a policy that doesn’t even really exist. She also pointed out that a zoning officer came onto her property and inspected it without permission … something she’s less than thrilled about.

Shanley tells the local media that if the farm wants to continue goat yoga, the owner will have to fill out an appeals form and attend a hearing.

It’s worth noting that you’d think there’d be bigger priorities in politics. Business owners and residents have left the town because of the overwhelming stench of the landfill, for example. But why would THAT be a priority when you can focus on more important things … like goats?

Why would we want to do something ridiculous like encouraging entrepreneurship or small business development? After all, the state of Connecticut is facing a $5 billion deficit … and so anything we can do to drive business and agriculture OUT is a good move, right?

Perhaps the next hearing Manchester should have is whether the town should be spending more than 200 grand a year (after adding up salary and benefits) on an employee more concerned with driving people OUT then bringing business IN.

Or maybe Shanley just needs to do a little goat yoga.