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At the Seaport Trade Center, Wednesday, March 13th through Sunday, March 17th, green-thumbers dreaming in shades of chartreuse are welcome to inhale inspiration from the 2019 Boston Flower and Garden Show.

The show is on display in Boston until Sunday, March 17th.

Tiptoe through the tulips lining the Seaport’s garden paths where Alice-in-Wonderland sized containers, a candle-lit Zen retreat and a babbling brook are a few of the delights of this virtual greenhouse. Trending topics of the show include ideas on growing healthy-foods, sustainable gardening, edible ornamentals and how to include air-cleansing plants into your home.

Seeding this year’s blooming dreamscape designers of all levels were inspired by the theme,  “The Beauty of Balance“.  Carolyn Weston, Director of the show explains that, “balance is a key factor in design decisions, plant and material choices and in cultivating the right size garden for our lives and budgets”. Subtle garden-scape details show consideration was given to family and pet-friendly zones to encourage people to ‘un-plug’ from their busy lives and reconnect with the earth and each other.

At the Flower Show large, meandering stepping-stones lead to stone walls wrapped around gated primrose paths and huddles of hyacinth. In contrast, near-by window boxes and antique containers are planted with a wild mix of ideas to root in the minds of gardeners with pansy-sized spaces.

Beyond visual excitements the Flower Show includes educational opportunities. A ‘Fine Gardening Seminar’, Lil Sprouts Activity Center, free-lectures, demonstrations and an enormous garden-marketplace compliment the nuanced-nursery of Eden.  Innovative farmers, professional photographers and entrepreneurs of New England are also available to help “Do it Yourself-ers” understand the finer points of farmers-markets, beekeeping and agro-tourism.

Until April showers bring May flowers, The Boston Flower Show encourages you to treat yourself to a bed of technicolor dreaming at the Seaport where Spring-fever is highly contagious!


Adults: $20.00 

Seniors: 65+ $17.00

Children : 6-17 $10.00

Children under 6: FREE 

Visit Boston Flower Show’s site for more information and to purchase tickets.

Diane Kilgore is a journalist in the Greater Boston Area. She is a Cultural Contributor for NewBostonPost and creator of the lifestyle blog ‘To Di For.’