A recent article on Yahoo was brought to my attention “Molly Tibbetts’ Murder is About Toxic Masculinity”. This is regarding the 20-year old young lady whose body was found after she was murdered by an undocumented immigrant. Yes, you read those 2 statements correctly, a 20- year old woman was murdered in her own hometown, her own country, by an undocumented immigrant, but “masculinity” is being blamed, not the need for border control or even the individual himself.

It is being claimed in this article that instead of this horrific crime being used to advocate for stronger border control, it should rather be about the “toxic male”.

In the beginning of the article, “toxic masculinity” is mentioned and defined according to tolerance.org-yeah, that’s a good start. This article wasn’t about “toxic masculinity” or even young Mollie Tibbitts, it was about attacking males as a whole. It has put the responsibility on men in general for violent attacks, not just a certain percentage, but it’s calling out men as a whole. “Men are taught that anger is a socially acceptable emotion for them to experience and that violence is a socially sanctioned reaction. That’s the appropriate way to ‘reassert his manhood, if you will’ “


The men in this country have been under attack recently and it’s getting out of control. Yes, real men have a “manhood”, it’s in their DNA! Guess what? Women have a “womanhood” as well, but that has not fallen under attack by the almighty left side. This is the side that is calling for tolerance, understanding and telling others to not judge. Hypocritical if you ask me. By calling out men as a whole as being violent, assertive and angry, that is absolutely being judgmental-not to mention absurd. Do these people really think that a man needs to be vulnerable, sensitive and depend on safe spaces otherwise they are a violent, crazed, “toxic” lunatic? NO! This country still needs those great masculine men, the ones who put on a uniform and protect our country, risk their lives to keep our streets safe, run into a burning building to save children- real men. Men who aren’t afraid to get dirty and do the jobs the “safe spacers” couldn’t handle, men who provide, are selflessly putting and end to human trafficking, locking up dangerous criminals and keeping you and your family safe. Yes, those men are being down right insulted in this article and every day by the left side. Men are being told they should share their feelings, let others know their vulnerabilities and are basically being asked to give up their “manhood” because it’s “toxic”.  For this side to be so tolerant and calling for everyone to accept others as they are, they sure are quick to attack the male gender for being “too masculine”.

The problem here isn’t “toxic masculinity”. The problem starts with a lack of values and morals being taught at home, from an early age. A lack of parenting, enforcement of rules and expectations are to blame here, not the male gender.  Just because a male is “masculine” does not mean he is not a law abiding, even-tempered and intelligent human being. It is insulting to automatically assume otherwise.

As a woman, I do not want to see the masculine man become a thing of the past. To look at the non-masculine, safe-space dwelling, sensitive male makes me wonder, what is going to happen to the young generation if a serious problem were to arise? Who would be there to protect and defend our nation, save lives and do the dirty, tough every day jobs that keeps this country going? Is this country being set up to be a population of over-sensitive, vulnerable, weak, confused generations that think they are above the law? A generation that is being told they can “identify” as whichever gender they wish, regardless of their DNA? This going to be the generation that will soon be making decisions for our country. Will the women soon be responsible for defending the male because the men are being taught that they are not allowed to be assertive or defend themselves any longer? Possibly. I still have faith in the masculine male though. I have faith that men will not accept being told they are not allowed to be masculine. That men that will still protect their family and their country. That men that will provide, work hard and protect what our forefathers had in mind for our country. This country needs more of those men, not more “safe-spacers”.  I have faith in the real men, the men who fear God, put their family first, work and provide, the men who will defend their country and the freedoms it provides.  I have faith in the men who are masculine and still a gentleman, who learned the importance of values and morals, those who put the needs of women and children first and fight to protect them and put themselves last. THOSE are true, masculine men that I assure you are not the problem in this country.

The problem lies with the left putting the blame on whatever they can find to avoid the real problem at hand. The problem is stemming from a lack of respect for order and rules in this country and people that think they are above the law, a lack of morals and rules being enforced at home, school and in this country as a whole.

Real, genuine, masculine men are not the problem.

I recently heard someone say, “It is up to the women to win the Wild West because the real men in this country are almost done for.”  I will absolutely stand up and defend the real men in this country because I don’t want to see masculinity defeated and I know there are numerous other women out there that do not want to see this happen.

Real men, gentlemen, you have my support.

Brittany Judd is a millennial from St. Louis. She’s a sales coordinator for an electrical distribution company and a proud Whiskey Patriot. She supports our troops with care packages going overseas each week and started a foundation called “Legacy of Love” in honor of her grandpa, who passed away of cancer.