We are at a critical time in history when literally every single vote cast in November can drastically change America. Yet most people I I know are sick of politics and only want to see babies and puppies on social media, grill and chill on the weekends, and live life as if they deserve it all. After all, people went crazy in 2016, and many Americans are just fed up with all the fighting.

I get that. I really do. However, there is also this thing called ‘reality’. Reality is coming in November. The outcome of the midterms will decide the course our country runs. What the people who are fed up with politics don’t realize is that our midterms are just as important as the 2016 Presidential election. The times we are living in now are similar to a time in America’s history not long ago. A tipping point if you will, when Americans were divided.

In 1776, brave men drafted the Declaration of Independence, declaring America’s freedom from an oppressive tyrannical government. What most people do not realize is that we as Americans are again at that level of importance in our history, and our willingness to engage and stand up and fight, or our apathy from our daily lives of luxury will define us as the generation who either saved America or let her die.

When we all reflect on that awe-inspiring letter declaring that all men are created equal and we are endowed certain unalienable rights by our Creator like Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, we feel inspired by those men. Their courage to risk their lives in order to stand bravely in the face of the most powerful monarchy of that day, and pick a fight with their King that would become a war that would change everything gives rise to our own courage. Their willingness to sign that letter, revealing their very identities as traitors to the Crown, and refusing to obey the King’s overbearing demands is an act that many Americans nod their heads in agreement with and imagine they would do the same if they lived in that day.

Here’s the cold hard truth for you. Most of you wouldn’t do a damn thing.

You would not have signed that precious document that led to America’s freedom. By signing their names, these men knew what they were risking. Being a traitor to the crown was a crime that was punishable by death, and not a quick one at that.

The executioner would first cut their stomach causing their bowels to fall out. Then hang them, but not for long enough to kill them. Next, they would be drawn and quartered, ripping their limbs from their bodies. Lastly if they were still alive, the executioner would chop off their head, finally ending their horrific agony. The brave men that signed that fateful letter to the King understood and still risked everything.

However, many of the colonists were not that brave of heart, just as it with many Americans today.

If we had lived in that day, most of you would have been annoyed with the young men who threw the tea into the Boston Harbor. Maybe you enjoyed your tea-time and the break it gave you from your work day. It took months for the tea to arrive in your ports. How reckless it was of those young men to disrespect the King and the company who had shipped the tea. You would have been irritated that now you had to wait for the next shipment that could be weeks to months away.

You might have also argued with your neighbors and co-workers who annoyingly discussed how they wanted to stand up against the King. You had a good life in America now, and a war would disrupt everything, especially business and making money. All the discussions and the fighting about how to handle the King’s policies would be stressful to you and you just want to enjoy dinner or parties or your day off. The last thing you would have wanted to do would be to risk your life, home, family, and job over politics!

Sound familiar?

It should because this is where we are today just the same as it was in 1776.

The truth is that in that time in our history, when the brave men we all look up to and respect took a stand against the biggest and strongest military in the world. Nearly half of the colonists did not want to fight and wanted to stay loyal to the King of England.

Let that sink in.

Over twenty percent of the colonist agreed with the politics of the King of England, which was directly the opposite of freedom of every kind, and the remaining 30% or more remained neutral, not wanting to get involved.  It is estimated that only 40-45% of colonists supported a war. Half of the colonists just wanted to live their lives exactly the way they were living and did not want any part of their lives disrupted with politics or a war to change the status quo.

Does that sound familiar?

It should because that is exactly the climate we are living in today.

In November are the midterm elections. America’s two dominant political parties have become so divided that whichever party wins control of Congress, that party will impart its values and goals on America. The Democratic Party desperately wants to regain control and erase all things Trump. If the Democrats gain the majority of Congress it is likely that any forward momentum of the Trump Administration will be stopped and the daily news will be nothing but 24-7 impeachment hearings. The Democratic Party has also shifted further left to a more Socialist-leaning ideology. They have voiced their opinions against a border wall, against ICE, against the new Tax Cuts Plan, and against free market healthcare for almost two years now. They preach about open borders, tax increases, for a new costly socialist style health care policy, abolishing ICE, and reducing America’s military and power position in the world.

Democrats are also against Trump’s peace deal with North Korea, ending the Nuclear Deal with Iran, and forcing other countries to treat American companies fairly in trade. This is only the tip of the iceberg and says nothing about the social policies that liberal Democrats embrace, like abortion, 16 different genders and the idea that masculinity is dangerous.

If we elect Republicans to keep the majority control of Congress, or even strengthen their control, we can be assured that President Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda continues. Although not all Republicans always agree with Trump, the party is uniting under him as his policies are proving to be successful. America is boasting a thriving economy, record high employment numbers, lower taxes, defeating ISIS, ending a NK nuclear threat, fighting a war on opioids, record high human trafficking arrests, and tightening border security. These all show that electing a non-politician businessman was exactly what America needed.

Which takes us back.

The brave men that led our colonies into a Revolutionary War were also common men, not politicians of an Establishment.

Like it or not, we are at a time in history where we cannot afford to be complacent. Our voices and our votes matter. The biggest truth that we all must remember is that we have been born into the blessing of the freedoms we possess. But with this gift comes responsibility. Every generation must fight to preserve our freedoms.

We each have a choice. At the end of the day, who will you be?

Will you be a citizen of America that does not want to be inconvenienced with politics?


Will you be a Patriot?

There is a difference.

A Patriot is a strong loyalist to our Constitution, and will risk it all to defend our freedoms.

I know where I stand, and it’s never on my knees. I choose to fight. I choose to speak and refuse to be silent. I choose to help campaigns and protest what I see as threats to our Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. I choose to vote. I refuse to be the generation that looses the gifts of freedom that were handed down to us. That would be a tragedy that I could not bear. I could never look my children in the eyes, and say I was just too busy to care about politics.

Therefore I choose to fight.

Who do you choose to be?

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a proud Whiskey Patriot, entrepreneur, business owner, writer, commentator, speaker, defender of the Second Amendment, shooting enthusiast, CrossFit athlete, wife, and mother redeemed through grace.  She states: “Our life is a sum total of our decisions. Every day I have the gift to choose to make it an amazing life.”