Woman, Women's March, WalkAway, Abortion, Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, Women's Rights, The Whiskey PatriotsA woman in America does not have to:

Wear a veil unless she chooses to do so.

Walk behind a man because she is less than he is.

Be treated on the same level as animals.

Be forced into a marriage she does not want.

Live a life of servitude simply because she was born a girl.

Stay silent about issues that are important to her and her family.

Be denied an education that her brothers receive.

Be told that she can never pursue a career in the workplace.

Being an American Woman allows women here to be more in every way than many women in the world are allowed to be. Our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and brave women and men who fought for women’s rights before us all grant women the right to work and create a wonderful life. A life that many women in the world can only dream of having.

However, do all American women really see their life in America this way? Sadly, many of them do not. They have been misled about what their mothers, grandmothers, and others in the past have fought to give them. The current political climate has created a movement called the Women’s March that claims to be the voice of women in America. With celebrity backing of this political movement, many young women believe that if they support female empowerment they must also support groups like the so-called Women’s March.

The Women’s March has many misleading messages, wrongly telling American women that they must fight to achieve what they already have won. Women’s March tells women and men that masculinity is toxic and must be defeated, creating the message that men are the enemy. Women’s March even went so far as to attack the federal government’s taking down the web site Backpage as “an absolute crisis for sex workers who rely on the site to safely get in touch with clients,” and going further to say “sex workers’ rights are women’s rights.” Some modern feminists, including those who run the Women’s March, defend a human trafficking web site service that promotes women being used as prostitutes. Women’s March also promotes the supposed right of women to kill their own unborn child and flaunts abortion as something to be proud of — an act that destroys one of the most special things about being a woman, the ability to be a mother.

If the Women’s March is about feminism, is feminism about women? Are modern feminists really pro-woman? Prostitution and abortion?

Women should take personal responsibility to achieve for themselves, instead of demanding for power to just be handed to them. Yet that is not the way of modern day feminists. Women’s March is no true voice for American women. It doesn’t represent the essence of a woman; it attacks it.

So how do you define the American Woman? Let’s look at who she really is.

Her history is rich.

Her spirit is brave, wild, and free.

Her resolve is strong.

She is fierce.

She is desired and confident in her own unique, beautiful image and soul.

Her love has no limits.

She will sacrifice herself for those she loves.

Her opportunities are endless and she has no boundaries except those she puts on herself.

She has access to pursue all levels of education, business opportunities, and life experiences.

She can work, create, invent, and design to help the world around her.

She can choose her wardrobe and is not forced into the expectations of others.

She can play and compete in games of her choice.

She can fight alongside her brothers, husbands, fathers, and sons to protect her land, as she has in the past.

She is loved and respected by men who understand and appreciate her feminine nature.

She does not see men’s masculinity as toxic and she desires it because it perfectly complements her.

She creates and keeps a loving home for her family and those she chooses to bring into it.

She can bring beautiful life into this world and raise up children safely with her guiding hands to see the world as she does.

She can explore, climb, and venture into any place without fear of not being allowed.

She can speak freely on the same level as the men in her company.

She can vote freely in all elections.

She can run for political positions and serve her country.

She never, ever has to believe that she is a slave of any kind.

An American Woman is free to choose who she wants to be and free to pursue happiness to her heart’s desire for the good of all of those she loves.

She is equal.

Who are the American Women?

They are your daughter, your sister, your mother, your friend. They are the women who embody these characteristics and choose to make America the amazing country it is just by being themselves. They are the great women before us, with us, and growing up among us. They are the women we cherish, the women we love, the women we respect, and the women we long to be.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is an entrepreneur, business owner, writer, commentator, speaker, proud patriot, defender of the Second Amendment, shooting enthusiast, CrossFit athlete, wife, and mother redeemed through grace.  She states:  “Our life is a sum total of our decisions. Every day I have the gift to choose to make it an amazing life.”