We don’t often promote GoFundMe pages, but this warrior is in need of our help. Here’s how you can make a real difference.

Rob Trevino had a sudden stroke 2 days ago and has been left severely debilitated. He has already been under at least 2 surgeries and is still in the Intensive Care Unit. There is speculation that the stroke could be TBI related due to Rob’s vast combat and training exposures.

The best reflection of a man is the action of his friends when he is in need. A teammate in the area near Rob came to his bedside and initiated communications to the SOF brothers of his condition. A volunteer immediately established the GoFundMe page and everyone distributed the link to our inner circle.

In only one day almost $50,000 poured in, just from those who he immediately touched in this very closed, secret world. His family needs the help and he deserves the reach of everyone who can help.

Rob Trevino grew up on an Indian reservation and joined the Army, not as an escape, but as something he was passionate about doing from a very young age.

He made his way through the ranks of 75th Ranger Regiment, 18th Airborne Corps and culminated with the Army Special Missions Unit at FT Bragg, where he completed multiple combat tours and retired as a Sergeant Major.

SGM Trevino continued to serve his country by training police SWAT units the advanced tactics he had honed and help to develop throughout his time in service. He has published a book, “A Warriors Path” where he opened up about his past and provided leadership advice through his many successes and his very honest shortcomings, to help those coming after him not repeat them.

Retired Army Delta Force Operator Robert Trevino instructed a CQB class for members of our team this week.

Continuously humble despite his vast achievements, Rob has always served selflessly and been revered and loved by all who served for, with and near him.

You can help support Rob and his family by donating to his GoFundMe page, listed here.

Listen to Rob featured on SOFREP Podcast here.

Check out Rob’s book on Amazon.