What if uttering a few simple words could save a life?  Change the future?  Help take a burden off someone?  Pull someone back from the edge?  Would it be worth it?

Keep following – in a minute I’m going to ask you to be a part of a movement that can save lives… and won’t cost you a penny.

There have been countless studies over the years that have demonstrated the almost mystical and unexplained power of prayer.

For believers like myself… we don’t need answers.  We already have them.

I want to help everyone… but the truth is I can’t.  None of us can.  Or… can we?

When my company exploded a couple of years ago, something unexpected happened – we were quickly inundated with requests from people asking for help.

Failing health… collapsing businesses… unpaid bills… broken hearts and so much more.

We didn’t have the resources to help even a tiny fraction of those reaching out. But what my team quickly realized was that we could pray.  We could also tap into the prayers of others.

That’s why we’re trying to launch the biggest “prayer chain” in America.  Tell us your request and we’ll add it onto this article.  You can either email it to editor@whiskeypatriots.com or leave it in the comments below.  Leave as much or as little info as you want…. but we’d encourage you to at least leave a first name and what you want the group to pray for.

Then pass this article along.  Not only will it put the requests in front of others… but you may just help someone else in need of prayers as well.

What’s the worst that happens?  Nothing?

God bless you all and God bless America.


Here are the prayer requests we’ve received so far!


-Gerald – requesting prayers for my beautiful wife of nearly 30 years. She is my life, my hope, and means everything to me. Two months ago she fell ill and the doctors still have no idea what she has. I can’t stand to watch her slowly get weaker and not knowing what is going on is terrifying. I pray that the docs find a cure or a path to take for her recovery. Thank you Lord for all that you have given us. Your love, your grace, and the sacrifice you made for us.  Please bless her with your healing grace.

-Prayer request for Ricky. The doctors say his cancer isn’t curable, that they will try to manage it as long as they can. But we have a strong faith in God and believe in the power of prayer. We’re in the second year of fighting for his life, and over the past couple of months his cancer markers are dropping and his CT shows the cancer hasn’t grown recently. Please pray for a miraculous healing. Thank you for your prayers, and all the glory to God. Thank you.

-Prayer request for my son who is in the Army, May God watch over him and guide him and keep him free from any and all evil in this world.

-Our friend in Colorado with colorectal cancer and our friend in St Louis with pancreatic cancer. Please pray for them and their families.

-Pray for my son Michael who is an OSP Trooper

-Prayer request for Gregory Fisher and Kathy Tinz Fisher for they are going through a rough time right now. Please and thank you sir. NET Caner sucks brother.

-Prayer request. I have unemployed for almost 2 years. I am a human trafficking survivor with very little skills (mainly retail) working with my state voc rehab but when you don’t have much on your resume and very little training no one wants to take a chance…that’s all I want is to prove myself loyal, dedicated and hardworking. I want to finally be able to live on my own for the 1st time, to be independent

-I’d like to lift up my children, our family, our new business, our first responders, our military, our country, our leaders and our President. I would like to pray for our enemies, both foreign and domestic. Thank you for being a merciful God.

-Prayer request: My daughter and I have been through hell and back because of my support for the thin blue line. We need a better place to live and I need employment that will keep me afloat until I hit the lottery or die of old age.

-Evelyn: please pray for my total body healing.

-Prayers to all reading this message. May God bless you, always.

-Prayers for our first responders and military!!

-Prayers for those suffering, lost and alone. May they seek the grace of our Lord!

Written by The Whiskey Patriots Staff