In today’s world of law enforcement, evil is rearing its ugly head at an unprecedented rate. Officers are being attacked almost daily by low life thugs, the media, politicians and in general by people that have no clue what it is to be a police officer!

The worst attack, in my most humble opinion, is not coming from the above listed sources. This attack is coming from within. It is coming from those that are our administrators within our cities and counties. They promise to protect us and always say no one in this family fights alone! Yet, they choose workers compensation insurance advocacy firms, which fight every claim they make. The fight would be understandable if it were an officer’s fourth back injury claim in two months and was found fraudulent. But instead, they’re fighting legitimate claims made by our defenders that nearly lost their life!

On September 5th,2017, one man did not realize how much his life was about to change. It was a normal day like any other. He and several of his fellow officers had been sent to lo-light shoot training. At the end of his class he was cleaning his pistol next to one of his fellow officers when a gun accidentally discharged. This man, Phil Roselle, a 30-year veteran of Norwalk Police Department suddenly had his life changed.

The bullet shot through his hand and entered his chest, leaving Phil critically wounded. Phil until this point had been healthy for the most part. He had diabetes, but it was well controlled and he had no issues with it.

After his stay in the hospital, Phil came out ready to go and believing that he was going to be taken care of. He and his and family had no reason to doubt it. Soon, Phil started losing function in his hand. As his injuries continued to worsen, the department became less involved in providing the support he needed. Then kidney issues started coming up. Phil had never had issues with his kidneys until the bullet entered his body and since has been left in. The diabetes, that Workers Comp claims is the underlying issue, isn’t what caused that to happen. Phil is now on dialysis three days a week and his kidneys are not functioning at all. Phil needs a kidney transplant in order to function normally.

Who wants to be treated like this? I assure you of this, the insurance claims representatives sure wouldn’t be if it were them. They would demand the best possible care money could provide! No one, I repeat, NO ONE deserves this, especially our first responders! Phil is one of hundreds of officers that is being denied the care they deserve.

The way our cities and counties are treating these responders is criminal! All anyone asks is to be provided for when something bad like this happens. It makes no difference if you were shot, stabbed or in a car wreck, if you were serving for the protection and safety of others YOU DESERVE to be taken care of.

If you believe in Phil and want to see this injustice taken care of, please contact the City of Norwalk at (203)854-3200, his state senator for the 25thdistrict of Connecticut, Senator Bob Duff at (860)240-0414 and the representative Chris Perone at (860)240)8585, Rep. Bruce V. Morris (860)240-8585, Rep Terrie Wood and Rep. Fred Wilms at (860)240-8700.

We also encourage you to think about becoming a Live Kidney Donor! To find out more, please visit!


Houston Gass is a full time law enforcement officer in the State of Texas. He was critically wounded within an inch of his life in January of 2015, and not only continues to serve, but represents and supports LEOs that are in need. Houston was voted Law Enforcement Today’s Citizen of the Year in 2018.