It’s been a while since my last article; and I felt bad that I kept putting it off. I knew what I wanted to say because what I was seeing and hearing out here in the American Pickle Barrel had everything to do with the discourse I was hearing coming out of the bubble of Washington D.C. and from the “main stream media.” It was overpowering and flamboyantly in a baroque (architecturally) way on display everywhere I went, but I just could not find the time to write it down to share it. Then I realized that I had just proven the hypothesis of my storyline, based on the propositions, set forth by many in the American Pickle Barrel. At first I thought it was pure conjecture on my part because I did not possess, so I thought, the necessary evidence to prove my hypothesis. It was staring me right in my face! I was living it! So were many of us here in the American Pickle Barrel.

I have spoken to many people these last weeks from many walks of life. I have been at the birth of my third grandchild, Sadie Grace, as well as experiencing the financial trials of good friends and family.  Dealing with health matters, as well as legal matters grown out of a hurtful 13-year relationship that was not what I had thought it was, didn’t help! This is not a contemplative or introspective reflection of my trials and tribulations in life. These life experiences led me to the CORE of what I was seeing and hearing in the American Pickle Barrel in the everyday lives of our great fly over community’s struggle with the costal elitist.   It is the consequential thesis being played out, and discussed, all over the American Pickle Barrel and even in the isolation of the D.C. Bubble and Coastal Elites.

OK! It’s time to pull open the curtain of why Trump is winning on so many levels (Rasmussen Trump approval 50% as of today) and why there is such a gap between the left’s understanding of Flyover America. The main fault line in contemporary American society is not between right and left, or Capitalists vs Socialists, or Flyover America vs Coastal Elites.  Rather it’s the difference between the people who see the world from Anywhere and the people who see it from Somewhere. The Political Theory of Anywhere vs Somewhere is ambiently encompassing all economic classes and political groups that circumvent all the outskirts of life. It is at the heart of the Democrats’ hard turn to the left and their embrace of Socialism and the struggle for the rest of us to preserve our American heritage and our capitalist system that thrives. Why Democrats embrace Socialism now is beyond the comprehension of most of us in fly over states.

The failure of Socialism is on display more now than ever since the fall of the USSR. (For you millennials, that is the former SocialistRepublic of the Soviet Union, or Russia, as you know it) I would suggest you take a look at Bernie Sanders’ Honeymoon tapes. Venezuela is imploding under Socialist rule; New York State and New York City are suffering billions in budget shortfall due to their Socialist programs, Socialist taxes and unbridled immigration sanctuary policies (most blue states). People are moving out as fast as possible.  Hell, even the New Democrat Congressional Leader, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s, mother left NYC because of the Socialist taxes for Capitalist Florida. So why?


People who are Anywheres dominate the coastal elates. They are (so they like to describe themselves as) educated more than people who are considered Somewheres. Anywheres attend the elite universities and live in metropolitan cities (we call them big cities). They narcissistically marry late; have few children; and comprise predominantly politics, journalism and corporate board rooms. Anywheres worship the Church of the Tech Giants or Masters of the Universe. They have no concept of what is wrong with censorship. Their financial status allows them to see the world from “Anywhere” because they can move anywhere and have little roots into the community beyond an ideology and their local Starbucks. They believe they are tolerant – as long as you agree with them. They believe their power over the rest of us is based on a perverse and elitist definition of meritocratic democracy. They are internationalist and individualist. They are called Anywheres because if society in their community becomes a burden to them or a threat to their lofty standard of living, they can pack up the old truck with a Mercedes hood ornament on the front and move to Beverly Hills… but not next to the Clampetts! They embrace Socialism because they don’t have to suffer the burden of giving the “free stuff” to those of lesser means, who in their minds deserve a taste of their elitist life style as long as they don’t have to pay for it. They can afford to move to the second or third home and hire new nannies, enroll their children in private schools and pay for the care of their elderly parents. They sit and admire the participation trophies they were awarded in life as if they were gold medals or service medals. They see the world from the view point of their travel agency.

Now we Somewheres, are in the minds of Anywheres, are ascribed identities because we are tradesmen, services workers (The Help) and raise our children mostly within close proximity of our homestead of birth. We belong somewhere. We don’t have the second home. Now we might have a ‘camp.’ But Anywheres have no idea what that means. We can’t or don’t want to move our children out of a community we feel is safe and familiar. We have elderly parents that need our care. We may struggle from paycheck to paycheck. We have one car or truck and God help us if we can afford a boat or own a “side by side.” We tend to be communitarian, patriotic and local in our voting patterns and outlook. We have large families (planned or unplanned). We give more to charity. We are the ones that pay for the “free stuff” and the poorest of us are the recipients of much of that “free stuff” as they exist today. We would do anything not to need it! We are Capitalists. We understand that nothing is free. We understand we have to earn our way up the ladder. We don’t harbor resentment towards the Anywheres. We want to achieve their standard of living and social standing, but along the way we have empathy for the struggles. We don’t forget where we came from or where we hope to go. We don’t look down on others because we came from there.

Trump is an Anywhere because of his wealth; he is a subset of this term “Anywhere.” Somewhere along the way he learned or saw the plight of the Somewheres and decided to do something about it. Anywheres cannot fathom why we embrace this billionaire, who seems to be flawed in many personal ways. He fights for us to be able to climb the ladder. He doesn’t cut out the rungs on to keep us from climbing like many Anywheres do. He fights against Socialism because it is Capitalism that gave most, if not all Anywheres their wealth and status whether they earned it or inherited it. Simply put, we do not disparage a billionaire that became a politician, but we do suspect a politician who becomes a millionaire or billionaire while in office! Socialists do not want Somewheres to become Anywheres. They need Somewheres to stay in line where they are. We are a subset of citizenry to them.

I want to end this lesson in political and social theory with this. I spoke to a good friend of mine that has worked in the Nixon, Reagan and Bush White Houses. Ever since Trump announced his candidacy for the Presidency he was a Never-Trumper of the first degree! He now believes Trump is the better choice for President and deserving of a Second Term. Knowing him as I do, a good man, this is a seismic shift in pure insight. I see it with African Americans, Hispanics and now even with rural women. The Democrats embrace of Socialism is driving away even moderate Democrats turning some Never-Trumpers into MAGA supporters. These “never-ending” investigations by the Democrats are now falling on deaf ears. Michael Cohen was their big dog and he ended up being a Yorkie. The new LEADERS of the Socialist Democrat party whose face is Alexanderia Ocasio-Cortex (Speaker,) IIhan Omar (House Majority Whip) and Rashida Tlaib (Majority Leader) are driving the Congressional agenda of the now Socialist Democrat Party.  The entire field of Anywheres for presidential candidates for a Socialist America is in sharp contrast to Capitalist Trump, Conservatives Republicans and Somewheres.

Rick Clay is an accomplished senior management executive with more than 30 years expertise in technical operations management, civil and military Infrastructure development, project management, government relations, and military operations. Mr. Clay was appointed by President George W. Bush White House as the Senior Deputy Adviser with responsibility to oversee the Iraqi Ministry of Housing and Construction. He has served both as a US Marine and a West Virginia National Guardsman.