Americans expect political candidates to be willing to uphold the laws if elected.

But in Connecticut… some residents are questioning whether the “‘New for 62” candidate Amanda Webster evaded paying taxes from her personal photography business.

You may remember a few weeks ago when we called out Webster and invited her to a friendly political debate. Webster is running for the 62nd District State Representative in Granby, Connecticut. Seeing as debating issues is usually a good way for voters to make educated decisions, we offered up a proposition.

We promised that we’d agree on the topics beforehand and would keep things to a strictly informational session, not wandering into the ‘identity politics’ and finger-pointing semantics that are so often played up in today’s campaigns.

The deal was that if she agreed to the debate, our founder’s company, The Silent Partner Marketing, would donate $10,000 worth of services to the Granby Police Department.

We never heard back. Not that we expected to.

But after an anonymous tip this week, the Whiskey Patriots began investigating the tax issue. A quick Google search shows that Walter Warren Photography is owned by Webster and operated out of a studio on Tunxis Road in Simsbury, CT. ‘Walter’ and ‘Warren’ are reportedly the middle names of Webster’s two sons.

(Screenshot Google)

Webster has no shortage of public information available that ties ownership of the photography business right to her.

(Screenshot Facebook)

However, after trying to locate the business’s Facebook page, it appears that it has been unpublished.

Links from external sites leading back to Webster’s business page are broken (Screenshot Facebook)

After a quick call to the Department of Revenue, an employee stated that there was no record of Walter Warren Photography in the system.

And if a company isn’t registered in the state… one could conclude that said company didn’t collect or pay taxes to the state of Connecticut.  Note: photography services are subject to sales tax in Connecticut.

Powers that be, for some reason, tend to frown upon businesses not paying taxes.

Here’s the kicker. Amanda Webster’s campaign promises into looking for “new sources of revenue” for the town. You read right. A business owner who some suggest may have avoided paying her “fair share of taxes” is running for public office and seeking out new opportunities to increase funding.

Now, we’d like to give Amanda the benefit of the doubt. It would be absolutely INSANE for a small business-owner who evaded the taxman to run for public office. A source who wished to remain nameless told us that there is reportedly an anonymous sales tax fraud complaint, but it is unconfirmed whether or not that is being acted on.  We haven’t been able to confirm this independently – but we encourage Webster to come address these questions in that friendly debate (the offer still stands!).

(Screenshot Alignable)

We hope for her sake, and the sake of Granby citizens, that she wouldn’t make that kind of monstrous  “mistake”. After all, politicians and public figures are under constant scrutiny. Just look at Justice Kavanaugh recently battling 35 year-old accusations from his teenage years.

The Department of Revenue reportedly shows no record of Webster’s photography business                                              (Screenshot Facebook)

We need your help in asking the tough questions. We need every patriotic American who wants to be represented by fair and honest leaders to help us share this article!

We demand answers. And we will not stay silent.

Written by the Whiskey Patriots Staff