In one week, Democrats vote to murder babies born alive after failed abortions, vote to end Trump’s National Emergency to protect our borders, attack the Second Amendment by passing more gun control, and hold a hearing promoting the testimony of a convicted liar to Congress to attack the President of the United States while he attempts to make a deal to denuclearize the Korean peninsula. In the same fashion Nicolas Maduro oppresses his people in Venezuela, the Democrats said ‘hold my beer…’

This is no longer a political party lines argument. It is now an argument of American and Un-American, Right and Wrong, and Good versus Evil.

Democrat voter? Angry at my words? Let me explain.

The Democrat Party is no longer the party it used to be. The days of the Blue Dog Democrats are long gone. With every single candidate for President for the DNC now backing Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s New Green Deal, the Democrat Party is now officially the party of Socialism. If you vote Democrat, you may not have left your party… but your party has left you. It is time to put down political loyalty that rivals sports fan loyalty, and honestly have a conversation about what is good for America.

Still mad at me?


Before you reach for your TDS pills, take a deep breath and hear me out.

These policies are not only Socialist policies; they are also dangerous for Americans and dangerous for members of law enforcement. Many of these issues Democrats voted for this week affect law enforcement – and not in good ways.

Let’s start at the beginning of the week.

Monday, Senate Democrats voted to block the Born Alive bill, which would have threatened prison time for doctors who don’t try to save the lives of babies born after failed abortions. The bill stated “any health care practitioner present” at the time of birth should “exercise the same degree of professional skill, care, and diligence to preserve the life and health of the child as a reasonably diligent and conscientious health care practitioner would render to any other child born alive at the same gestational age.” The bill also exempted the mother from prosecution. This bill simply made it illegal to murder a baby born alive after the baby survived the attempted murder of its life while it was in utero.

Murder is illegal, right? LEO’s arrest people guilty of murder, right? Doctors take an oath to save lives, right?

With the obvious answer to all of these questions being ‘yes’, why would Democrats vote against a bill that would protect life and prevent murder, force doctors to uphold their oath to save lives, and help law enforcement uphold their oath to serve and protect?

By voting no, which every single Democrat did, by the way, the Democrats are the party that voted for executing innocent babies that are unwanted by their mothers. Not just unwanted, as in ‘put them up for adoption so they can be raised by loving parents that do want them and allow these innocent young Americans to have the right to pursue happiness as guaranteed by our Constitution.’ Oh no, Democrats deny them the chance at life and want them to be killed after they are born. That is not a medical procedure or reproductive care as Planned Parenthood likes to call it. That is murder. Baby killing.


Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi led the Democrats in the House of Representatives to overturn President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on the Mexican border, with just 13 Republicans joining Democrats to try to block his effort to divert funding to border security.

Democrats deny any need for a wall or aggressive action to protect our southern border. They refer to it as a ‘manufactured crisis’ or ‘fake crisis’ daily. However, the daily invasion on our southern border of drugs, human trafficking, terrorists and illegals that want to take our jobs and live on free government handouts is not a manufactured crisis. It is a very real crisis.

By not addressing the crisis of hundreds of thousands of pounds of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and fentanyl coming across our border, Democrats put LEO’s and American’s lives at risk.

By not addressing the crisis of thousands of arrests at the border of illegals with prior criminal records including gang members and MS-13, Democrats are putting LEO’s and American’s lives at risk.

By not addressing the crisis at our southern border and by voting to end President Trump’s national emergency to build the wall, Democrats would rather send our tax money to foreign governments instead of using a small portion of it to protect America. Democrats passed a bill to send $56 billion to foreign governments, but refused to fund the $5.7 billion that President Trump asked for before he declared a national security emergency.

This cannot possibly be made clearer. Democrats serve non-tax paying foreigners by refusing to take seriously the very real crisis at our southern border, and voting to keep our border open and not secure. Democrats serve foreign governments by sending them our hard earned tax dollars by the billions instead of using a fraction of that amount and protecting America. Democrats serve foreign countries by imposing Sanctuary policies and protecting the rights of non-tax paying illegals instead of helping law enforcement agencies such as ICE and Border Patrol be able to safely and successfully do their jobs.


Tuesday and Wednesday, the Democrat led House of Representatives passed two gun control bills successfully attacking the Second Amendment rights of all Americans. Passing these two bills drastically makes buying and selling guns much more difficult for law abiding citizens and does nothing to prevent criminals from possessing guns… which they do illegally anyways.

As the White House stated in a veto message, the bill expanding background checks would impose unreasonable requirements on gun owners and that it could block someone from borrowing a firearm for self-defense or allowing a neighbor to take care of a gun while traveling.

Let’s be real here, any and all gun control laws that impose unreasonable requirements on gun owners should be unlawful because they are in direct violation of our Second Amendment rights. Let us all hope that the Senate has some rational sense and does not pass these two anti-American bills attacking our Second Amendment rights. If they do, President Trump has already said he will veto.

However, don’t relax just yet. It is not time to pet your beautiful armory and whisper sweet nothings that all your little babies are safe because believe me – they are not.

Democrats have announced that they will be continuing to pursue gun control votes and plan to pass gun control laws on all levels, county, state, and federal. In other words, Democrats plan to continue their attacks to destroy the Second Amendment. After all, the Democrat Party cannot fully pursue Socialism and let the people bear arms at the same time. Everybody knows that doesn’t work.

This is something that has led many Sheriffs and Sheriffs Associations to pursue passing proclamations declaring Second Amendment Sanctuary in a multitude of counties in several states like Maryland, Oregon, New Mexico, and Illinois. States who coincidentally have strict gun control laws in place and whose legislators are planning to pass more. This is also something that Law Enforcement Today is getting behind.

We have launched a White House Petition to ask President Trump to direct the Justice Department to provide Sanctuary for the Second Amendment. It is ludicrous to have to request Sanctuary for a right that is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and the People’s right to bear arms was something that the Founding Fathers believed in so completely that they declared this right ‘shall not be infringed.’ However, the new Democrat Party, which is fast becoming the party of Socialism, does not seem to believe in the Second Amendment anymore.

You can help protect your Second Amendment Rights by signing here:

Moving on.

The most fun the Democrats had this week while they were at work getting paid by We The People, was parading former Trump attorney Michael Cohen around like a circus freak show. His introductory speech was a real piece of work. If I had to guess I would say that Hillary Clinton herself wrote Cohen’s speech in conjunction with his attorney Lanny Davis, who is also Hillary’s attorney. What a fun little coincidence!

To the Democrat’s disappointments, the Mueller investigation has failed in its two year limitless investigation to find any shred of evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia. With the Mueller report coming out, empty of promise of arresting Trump and impeaching him to the cheering crowds filled with Women’s Marchers dressed in female genitalia outfits, CNN staffers and fans, Deep State enslaved Celebrities, Planned Parenthood’s army of militant feminists who boast of abortion stories while wanting the murder of children in or out of the womb, and sad infected Trump Derangement Syndrome patients, the Democrats in the House of Representatives delivered a show this week featuring disbarred convicted liar Michael Cohen as the star.

This Trump derangement fit-inducing spectacle was broadcast on all major news networks in practically a full black out to the giddiness of media hosts that has not been seen since Presidential election night in 2016 before they all realized that Hillary was going to lose. The irony of the whole theatrical show is that Cohen’s full statements and testimony where he called Trump a racist, bigot, hateful man only happened because he is a man who is under the threat of sentencing by Robert Mueller. Cohen has been convicted of crimes, one of which is being convicted of lying to Congress, but the rest have nothing to do with Trump in any way, shape or form. However, in order to try to reduce his prison time and help himself out, he sold his soul and allowed the Democrats to use him as a puppet in front of the world, and that they did.

The shocking accusations sounded pleasing to all of those that are Never-Trumpers, however it only takes a low level of education to understand that it was petty and consisted of things that are common business practice for powerful elites and politicians. Even Barack Obama paid his attorneys to make sure that his college information was hidden from the public. Just as a simple reminder, Trump and his family are in the construction business. They have built Trump Towers all over the world. Building yet another tower in Russia is no issue, after building them in Europe, India, the Middle East and elsewhere. That is hardly collusion when Trump pulled out of his business after he was elected. The timing of that is not odd; remember Hillary was never supposed to lose. Is there anything wrong with Trump waiting until he won to make sure he didn’t give up his profitable business for nothing?

I mean, obviously that pales in comparison to the Clinton’s receiving $145 million into the Clinton Foundation while the sale of Uranium One took place, which sold 20% of America’s uranium to Russia while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 to deliver a speech in Russia also during the Uranium One deal. It just is such an interesting thing that Mueller doesn’t consider investigating that as Russian Collusion. Maybe because he was the Director of the FBI during that time and delivered samples of US uranium to Russia during the sale of Uranium One? Kind of hard to investigate yourself, I would imagine.

Cohen accused Trump of being a racist. Trump is such a racist that black unemployment is at an all time low. Trump is also such a racist that he is gaining black support that has not been seen for the Republican Party since before everyone forgot the Democrat Party is the party of the KKK. After all, it was the Democrats that voted against black Americans to vote, but that is another story for another day.

Even more disgustingly, the timing of this delusion falls in line with something you would see while watching a dramatic production of Caesar, for the entire display was used to stab our President in the back as he went to Vietnam to negotiate with Kim Jung Un on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Why would Kim make a deal with Trump when Trump was being viciously attacked? How could Kim have confidence in Trump, when on the world stage our own government can’t stand beside him for this one massively important deal for world peace? The Cohen show destroyed this peace deal, in my opinion. The Democrats could have waited, but they purposely chose to have Cohen do his dirty little plea deal deed this week, while Trump was trying to make history for the American people and the world. They undermine Trump’s success at every opportunity, and give no care to the fact that destroying our President’s successes also destroys success for the American people.

Wow. Truly consider that this was just one week of work for the Democrats with their control of the House of Representatives.

Imagine if they controlled the Senate and the White House too. What would that look like? Do you dare to even know?

I’ll end with this. Given that every single Democrat candidate for President supports unanimously the New Green Deal, then you can imagine that our future would look that of the socialist musings of a bar tender from New York.

Please help us God.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a proud Whiskey Patriot, entrepreneur, business owner, writer, commentator, speaker, defender of the Second Amendment, shooting enthusiast, CrossFit athlete, wife, and mother redeemed through grace.  She states: “Our life is a sum total of our decisions. Every day I have the gift to choose to make it an amazing life.”