As a patrol officer, he took a shotgun blast to the face.

It was a miracle he survived.

But Houston Gass isn’t just a survivor.  He’s a true Shepherd.

Inspired by how Houston was able to not only go back into law enforcement… but also be able to forgive his attacker… we decided to launch a brand new series with The Whiskey Patriots called Thin Blue Blood.  It’s the stories of wounded police officers, their road to recovery and the role that faith played in forgiveness in many cases.

And who better to host the series… than Houston Gass himself.

The series will be dropping right here on The Whiskey Patriots.  If you’re not already signed up for the newsletter, make sure to get on that.  You definitely don’t want to miss these incredible stories.

Here’s a little teaser of what’s to come.

God bless these heroes… and God bless America.