As the nation regains its breath after the divisive Judge Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearings, the attention of the American Pickle Barrel has shifted from last minute “Hail Mary” plays of desperate disconsolateness, embarrassing Spartacus moments, Pocahontas wannabes, and most notably the parade of the Socialist left wing “mob’s” pretentious hyperventilation of unconstrained “hissy fits” to the so called ‘blue wave’ vs. ‘red wave’ expectations.

The Democrat mob did not play well here in red flyover-country America. The level of violence and call to violence by Democrat leaders has been unimaginably unheard off in past election cycles except for the 1968 DNC riots in Chicago.  The people of red America now have a new definition of Democrat mob: “Mother of all BS” (My pastor is not going to be happy with my colorful metaphors. Repentance may be in order).

In the days preceding the attempted Kavanaugh railroading by the mob, bolstered by Democrat calls to violence, while trying to place Judge Kavanaugh’s reputation, family, and career up on the preverbal rail, I traveled throughout Appalachia small towns and urban areas.

The tone of the red state voter – Democrat, Republican and Independent – was subdued. How can this be? Every single moment that was being played out on every channel in the mainstream media and our every day censored social media content was telling us that a huge blue wave was developing that would rival any tsunami Poseidon could create. I saw no evidence of this biblical, dare I say it, historic political blue wave swelling up underneath the currents of the vast red state political underwater.

I observed several forces in my everyday life that, like a current flowing in a mountain creek, would act upon the water in a way that would reveal the true nature of the red state voter and indicate the continuous directed movement of political mood. Some of these observances and rituals of mine have been long discarded by the modern pollster and forgotten by the political commentaries of today.

The first is the political yard sign or yard flower. These yard flowers spring up every two years alongside our roads and favorite Pickle Barrel establishments. They are an indicator of commitment and depending on the office these various flowers (candidates) are running for be it local, state or national office will indicate where the attention or commitment lies.  As I traveled WV, VA, NC, SC, GA, and FL it was obvious to me that the commitment lies with local races for city, county and a few governorship offices with little attention to Congressional or Senatorial seats. No big Democrat blue wave was felt or seen! Odd, considering the media, Democrats and the masters of the universe were yodeling the opposite.

The second was campaign rally size. All one had to do is attend a Democrat rally vs. a Trump (Make America Great Again) rally in support of Republican Congressional and Senate candidates. It was so obvious. It was like comparing a Wednesday night prayer service vs. a Bible-thumping Baptist revival. For you “heathens” out there, that’s like comparing a midget league football game vs a SEC Championship game. No blue wave of spiritual revival here either!

The third is the local gossip at the Pickle Barrel. Throughout my travels these past few weeks, no Pickle Barrel gave me more insight than a little breakfast boutique restaurant in St. Simons Island, GA. It’s an upscale historical area where one would expect a deep blue flavor to one’s discourse. While eating my biscuits and gravy with grits (seems to be a recurring theme in my writings), I listened with expectations of liberal boasting of the upcoming blue wave and how Republicans were going to suffer for the misdeeds of confirming a serial rapist (he is not) to the Supreme Court and how Justice Kavanaugh would now be impeached along with Trump. Not one word of a blue wave! Only conversations of the mob and SEC Football. No NFL was even brought up.

What I sensed was a palatable movement from complacency and ineffability (look it up) of a red wall or real possibility of a red wave. It seems like 2016 all over again. God, I hope so! It’s like looking at a “Red Man” sign on the side of red barn! How can you miss it?

Rick Clay is an accomplished senior management executive with more than 30 years expertise in technical operations management, civil and military Infrastructure development, project management, government relations, and military operations. Mr. Clay was appointed by President George W. Bush White House as the Senior Deputy Adviser with responsibility to oversee the Iraqi Ministry of Housing and Construction. He has served both as a US Marine and a West Virginia National Guardsman.