The new norm is label, denigrate and attack – if you don’t like something or someone, just throw out a label and attach some harsh statements; voila: you now have a story that the ignorant masses can attach themselves to as if it’s their new cause that must be addressed right now. I guess they have nothing better to do – like work and be productive members of society.


Facts and context no longer matter, just hammer the hell out of someone with labels and made up stories, and you win. You want to do something? Just do it and then protest when someone asks you to stop… this is our country right now; and we’ve been here before.

But what happens when the silent majority hits critical mass? What happens when the Average Joe says – I’ve had enough, no more… again, we have been here before.

This aforementioned is my worry and the concern for many with discernment. We see a very different outcome and we do not mince words. We take actionable steps to stop the threat that we know is coming. What does that mean, exactly? Let me tell you precisely what that entails.

War – A fight brought to those that intentionally attack and malign others without cause. See, you cannot simply spit in someone’s face without ramifications; no, I am not talking about the victim calling the cops and reporting a crime, I am talking about a movement across a country where the silent majority rises up and takes on evil head on.

What, did you think people can just do whatever they want without reprisal? Uhhh, no.

Wow Micah, sounds like you’re throwing out some inflammatory and inciting statements – no, I am throwing out pure logic. When was the last time you walked up and just started screaming at someone? Right in the middle of the street, or a restaurant? When have you done that? I watched it happen recently to Senator Ted Cruz and his wife in a video… he politely excused himself while these baseline degenerates hurled insults and blocked his path.

This is exactly what I am speaking to. It may have happened to a sitting US Senator, but it was the silent majority that watched it online. This is becoming the new norm with the left in this country…attack, attack, attack, then cry wolf when someone pushes back. Here is the issue with this – it only works for so long; then an uprising occurs. If we have learned anything from history – it’s that it is violent and will repeat itself.

The problem we as a country face is that we no longer have civil discourse and/or basic conversation. Both sides of the political aisle are guilty of this; but the left is pushing ahead with violence and attacks… and the right will eventually draw the line.

I get it, no one wants to hear this, but it’s a fact; again, do a little research and see what history says to you.

For the record, I am denouncing violence just for the sake of violence itself – but if I was sitting in a restaurant eating dinner with my wife, and a mob encircled me and started screaming at us, then prevented us from leaving and threatened us… well, you do the math.

Would anyone truly react any differently in that scenario? Take any person worth their salt and have the same scenario play out; your race, culture, sex, age… it would matter not – you would either cower in the corner, or defend your family – I would defend to the death if need be.

Remember when the family was trapped in a group of motorcycle riders circling their Land Rover in New York on a freeway? One man and his wife surrounded by dozens of stupid motorcyclists acting a fool on the road? When he got pinned down, he took defensive action. That was critical mass in the moment, and the driver defended himself with his vehicle to save his families life.

People need to understand two things:

Don’t do that.

If you cannot contain yourself and be respectful and do the right thing, then understand, once you cross the line and endanger people; all rules will go away in the moment for the person being attacked – it’s called fight or flight, and it’s proven science.

I pray that we as a nation wake up.

I pray that we see the real enemy that is out there, because they are coming for all of us. But as long as we have infighting, and the lack of respect we are seeing for our nation, our military and our Emergency Responders, then just know this – The silent majority will rise; and rise they will.

I pray we can all avoid hitting critical mass as a nation – I truly do.

God Speed to us all.

Micah Richardson is a retired Peace Officer and Commander.  He’s a husband of 24 years and father of two amazing kids.  Micah is also a founding member at Operation Innocence, proud American and a Whiskey Patriot.  Micah is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Isaiah Systems Safety Consulting… not to mention a guy who prays … and hopes you will, too.