For many Americans, these four numbers are easily forgotten. Our history is written around a day in which we declared our independence. While our day of independence deserves its place in history, it has overshadowed a day of great importance. A day in which our country as we know it today, should make every effort to embody, if only to allow ourselves as a nation of achievement and innovation, to recall the principles of man which have carried our nation to this point. Honor, pride, respect, service, integrity and humility just to name a few. This day is the day in which fifty-five human beings, set forth the laws of the country in which we live today.

My first effort, is that of perspective. An effort that aspires for you, the reader, in our world of constant connectivity and notifications, to stop. If only for these few moments, open your mind and your heart to what was once a reality that was inescapable. One in which eight years of brutality had changed the course of the world in which our ancestors lived. Eight years of human beings, much like you, me, our sisters and brothers, gave everything for the belief that there could be but one piece of the world would exist as a place of freedom.

Fifty-five human beings, after eight years of a reality which would deconstruct the world in which we live today, continued their mission. Fifty-five, in a room with no electricity, no running water, none of the amenities of which we constantly take for granted in today’s world, laid ink to parchment. With it, they transcribed the words which would lead generations after them to build a country that would become the greatest power of modern times.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” (http://constitutionus.com/)

While this may seem like a dream or a fallacy to some in today’s world, to some of us, it has become more of a reality than the air in which we breathe. In today’s world, many who still believe in the dream that is America, the land of opportunity, is only understood by those whom have been outside of the false reality that our country presents to its citizens. The time is past due for all of us which are blessed enough to call this our home to stop talking, open our hearts and our minds, and bring ourselves back to who we are, who we should be, for ourselves and for the world.

America, where anything is possible. This statement is humorous to those who have no sight of the realities of the world in which we exist. For those who doubt this unequivocal reality, do yourself a favor and check your ego at the door. Wash away the stereotypes, assumptions, preconceived notions and opinions that have led you to hate those whom which you truly do not understand. Give those who have sacrificed more than you will ever comprehend an opportunity. Not for pity or temporary assistance, but to be heard. To be heard in a way that makes the hairs on your neck stand tall. To be heard in a way that allows soft tears to form while simply listening to the level of sacrifice these humans have given in an attempt for opportunity in a country where they may be marginalized or assaulted simply for dreaming of a better life.

While times have changed and our enemies have exhausted all means to infiltrate our country, I beg of you to listen. While there exist human beings with such hate in their hearts that no act of good will or fortune could save their soul, there are countless more whom we make our enemy by the acts of ignorance. We are not perfect, not as a country, not as people. This is the reality of the life in which we live.

What we can do, is not forget. Not forget the lessons of our ancestors, whose stories are told through the efforts of human beings who have dedicated their lives to the preservation of the lessons of the generations before us. Who have lived through realities that gave them the clarity and connection to our Earth and our stars that we could only imagine. Who sacrificed everything, but only 230 years, four to six generations, grandfathers and grandmothers, sons and daughters. On nights where we are nose down into a screen, those before us looked up, into a canvas of stars without the pollution of light. Looking up toward a sight that compelled humans to risk everything in an effort to just catch a glimpse of what lay beyond this reality. That story, one which represents the deepest of dreams and aspirations, is a story for another time, for another trip amongst the objects which tell the story of our existence.

Anthony Heiland is a veteran, a father, son, husband, professional and founder. He continues to serve our country, through various organizations and efforts. He lives in southwest Ohio, as a proud Buckeye, with his wife, son, and daughter.