Isaiah 6:8.

To those who have dedicated a life to serving a cause greater than themselves, it’s a mantra that is burned on their heart.

As a rationale adult, when you think about the sacrifice that is made by our military and our civil servants, it defies logic. These are men and women who run towards danger on behalf of people they have never met and know nothing about. Hell, many of us have blood family that we wouldn’t be willing to take a bullet for. These men and women take them for strangers.

If telling yourself and others that, “That’s what they sign up for” soothes your soul and makes you feel like you’re free from owing gratitude, ask yourself this: If they DIDN’T sign up for that, would YOU?

Since January 1st, 2019, 10 police officers have been killed in the line of duty; 11 if you count Shreveport Police Officer Chateri Payne, who was shot dead at her HOME, in uniform, as she prepared to start her shift.

In 2014, when retired NYPD Police Officer Michael Burke founded Brothers Before Others, his goal was simple: to send a floral arrangement to every line of duty death regardless of where it in the United States it occurred; a task that is simple in concept, but monumental in action. Since 2014, 775 police officers have been killed in the line of duty. On average, BBO has spent over $50,000.00 per year taking care of its cornerstone mission; and a short perusal of their website demonstrates that it has grown well beyond that.

To date, the Brothers Before Others National Flower Fund has been primarily self-funded. Monies needed to send these flower arrangements has come directly from the active/retired police officers who make up the BBO membership; and at only approximately 4500 members, funding the flower fund alone is becoming almost too much of a cross to bear. Through their social media outlets, BBO is accepting donations to be used towards this goal.

Many of us take for granted the family and support structures that we have in place. Not everyone is so fortunate. While a simple floral arrangement may seem mundane, the sentiment that is expressed is invaluable. By ensuring that every hero lost is honored in that way, Michael Burke and the members of Brothers Before Others are sending a clear message to the friends and the family that our lost brothers and sisters leave behind: You are NEVER alone.

The sacrifices that our heroes have made and, more importantly, the ones that continue to be made by the family who forever lives without them, need to be recognized. You will be remembered in the same manner that you remember others. If you would want it done for your family, you need to be willing to do it for others.

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