I would like to squash any misconceptions of the term “Disabled Veteran”. Being a disabled veteran does not mean I am broken or a powder keg of violence waiting to ignite. It also does not mean that I cannot do the job in my field or any other field that I am qualified to work in. In fact, that is quite the opposite in most cases. I started my security consulting company to continue to serve our nation and protect our citizens because it is my passion and my area of expertise. We as combat veterans already have a bad reputation because of the actions of a few but it is unfair to judge the masses because of the actions of the few.

Since you do not know the nature of my disability or any other veteran, the severity of it or the current status of it, you do not have the right to judge me or question my abilities or the abilities of any of my team members. This goes with ALL disabled veterans. Most of us are still very motivated and able to work in our selected fields.

I see all kinds of reports of veterans that go “off the deep end” and it bothers me to no end that because the media portrays us as psychotic, violent animals that can’t handle daily civilian life and every little thing makes us “snap”, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Never judge until you have all the information. Then, still do not judge – only inquire – especially if you have never served (military or law enforcement) or experienced the struggle. We, as combat veterans, sometimes have the hardest time finding a good paying job in our filed of expertise and passion due to the stigma related to us.

We still have families and bills to pay (trust me: the disability and retirement pay is NOT as much as one would think), we still need to make a living but too often we are not given the opportunity due to what people think about us. We are not monsters without skills. In fact, we can often do a better job than most due to our high level of management experience, real world experience and our versatility and training. STOP treating us or viewing us as the “bad guy or girl.”

I am still very passionate about serving my country. It was my absolute pleasure and honor to have been part of something larger than myself, protecting this great nation and everyone in it. I am and will always be a patriot that cares about the safety of others and strives to provide protection to those that cannot protect themselves. I have dedicated my life to protecting our country and our way of life and I continue to serve the country through this unrelenting desire to help others.

I have seen and fought terrorism firsthand and have no tolerance for crime or terrorism. In my multiple deployments I have seen the suffering caused by the evil that plagues our world and our country and still see it as my duty to protect.

Timothy Easton is an Army Combat Veteran with multiple deployments. He now serves as CEO of Castle Defense 360 Security.  He is an advocate in the community to change the way that Americans view disabled vets. You can follow him on Youtube here.