Hundreds of people gathered at the Capitol Building in Minnesota last week to protest new proposed gun-control legislation, reported the Star Tribune.

On Wednesday of this week, lawmakers will vote on multiple proposed changes in gun laws for the state, as many states across the country have passed recently.

“As our Founding Fathers said, the loss of our liberty is only a generation away,” said one of the protesters, Bill Jungbauer. “We all have to continue to stand up for it.”

The protest was organized by the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, bringing large numbers of citizens out to the Capitol to stand in unison against the proposed legislation.

Among the new bills would be an expansion of criminal background checks for people purchasing guns as well as a popular new “Red Flag” bill that would allow for family members or members of law enforcement to have courts remove weapons from the homes of those thought to be ‘at risk’ individuals.

These have been top priorities for state Democrats going into 2019.

Protect Minnesota, an anti-gun violence group, issued a statement in support of the new potential laws.

“These are not extreme or experimental measures,” it read “Half of all Americans live in states that have comprehensive criminal background checks and over a third live in states with Red Flag laws.”

Other legislators voiced their opinion that these new laws would infringe on the Constitutional rights of Minnesota citizens.

“Legal background checks lead to lists, lists lead to databases, databases lead to registration, registration leads to confiscation,” said Rep. Steve Drazkowski. “History clearly shows us, through the millions who have died because of government’s confiscation of guns, that we must stand firm.”

The bills are currently expected to pass this week when legislators vote.