As much as I despise admitting this… I’m a millennial.  I turned 31 this year, and although my birth year may define me as a “millennial”, my views may not so much these days.

Let me explain.

Don’t Hire Me Because I’m A Woman

Yes, I am a woman. NO I do not expect special treatment because of that fact. I work in what is normally a “man’s field”, but got the job based on my ability to perform the job duties, not because I was a woman and I felt they “owed” me the job. I did not want nor would I ever want to get a job offer based only on the fact that I am a woman even if my skills were far less than a man that was interviewed.

I want to be hired and promoted based on my abilities and skills and how well I perform my job duties, not because I’m a woman. Leave the gender card out of your job, and just perform your job duties and perform them well.  If you get the job and get promoted, GREAT, you EARNED it!

At this point, if you are being promoted or given a job simply because you are a woman, you are not being treated equally, you are being treated special because of your gender. To me, this is just as insulting as NOT getting a job because you are a woman.  Either way, your gender should have nothing to do with it.

Safe Spaces

I do not need a safe place nor do I want one (or a man that needs one for that matter).

I learned to take criticism, deal with bullies and most importantly, protect myself. I learned to shoot a gun when I was young.  I carry a .380 around my ankle that creates my “safe place”.

The power to not be afraid or intimidated by others lies within you, not a so- called “safe place”. Hard times and situations create tough people, learn to deal with it and get some thick skin because you’re going to need it in the real world.  Maybe you need that “safe place” and cannot handle criticism or tough words, but a lot of people you are going to run into in this world could care less and will make a meal out of you – don’t let that happen. I refuse to be scared in my own home or anywhere else I go for that matter, that’s why I carry a gun and have learned some self-protection. Look at it this way: anyone who breaks into your home doesn’t care about your “safe place” and will thrive on the fact that you have no weapon or other form of self-defense. Don’t be a victim, because I sure refuse to.

Long Live Chivalry

I, as a woman, do not want to see chivalry in men killed off.

That’s right, I still like to be treated like a lady. I am not insulted when a man opens a door for me, pulls out a chair for me or calls me “ma’am” – it’s called being a gentleman and I appreciate those things, as crazy as it may be in today’s world.

I see a lot of women these days getting upset over a man being a genuine gentleman to them because they have it in their head that it’s some sort of sexist act against women because a man offered to open the door for you. Would you rather him just let the door slam in your face with your hands full because he doesn’t want you to think he’s being a sexist pig by holding the door open? My guess is probably not. He’s being nice, ladies. Trust me, you probably don’t want to see those attributes go either, whether you realize it or not, so stop trying to kill them off in men.

Get Off Your Ass For the Flag

I always have and always will stand for our flag and the men and women who have fought to protect it and if you had any decency, you would too.

I stand and put my hand over my heart for the anthem because many, many of our troops have fallen during their fight to defend our freedom, freedom which allows you to NOT stand for the anthem.  Let that sink in.

I fully support our troops and back our law enforcement, both of which put on a uniform, leave behind their families and risk their lives for our protection every day. Have some respect for them.  You don’t always have to agree with the policies or everything that is going on, but we all owe this brave men and women some respect. Men and women who go out each day and defend us, people they have never met, as well as our freedoms. I will never take that for granted, and nobody else should as well.

Got A Problem With That?  Too Bad.

Take these as what you will. I know there are tons of people in this new generation that disagree, and hey, that’s your right – but hear me out as well. Let’s not let our morals, decency, freedom and rights be taken away because everyone is so politically correct nowadays that we have lost sight of what’s important. Don’t throw hate at me because my views are “old school” and different than yours.  Trust me, the world needs more of those views today more than ever.

Brittany Judd is a millennial from St. Louis.  She’s a sales coordinator for an electrical distribution company and a proud Whiskey Patriot.  She supports our troops with care packages going overseas each week and started a foundation called “Legacy of Love” in honor of her grandpa, who passed away of cancer.