Very few people know who we are. They don’t know that they are alive today because of sensors, weapons, vehicles, battery technology, and hundreds of other products that increase safety, survivability, and lethality. Many of these employees are recognized inventors by the DoD and DoE. Their task is simple: save lives through technology transfer and insertion programs.


Working with organizations like DARPA, programs like TENCAP, and teams like the JEDI, we have eliminated obstacles to operations ranging from invasions to kicking down doors. We have advised individual operators, service organizations, and combined and joint combatant commanders. We don’t wait for the tombstones to accumulate to recognize the problem – we identify operational issues that result in loss of life BEFORE the damage is done.


Most recently, three years ago I met with a senior DoD advisor identifying the risk associated with “Fitbit” type devices. He ignored the advice. I also advised senior DoD leaders of the security risk associated with the use of commercial drones with Wi-Fi connectivity before they purchased over 750. I identified a $0.52 helmet attachment that would alert the wearer they were being “lazed”. A MARCENT Commander passed on the opportunity, saying a Marine was not worth the money. This is obviously something others that have subsequently been wounded or killed by friendly fire would disagree with. Sometimes technology (underwater hydraulic cable/bolt cutters, IED vest identification/alert) is acquired by other nations at trade shows like SOFIC and are successfully implemented. The ghosts are always out there, going before you get there, watching as you operate, and ensuring you return home. I was the DoE’s technical representative to MacDill AFB (USCENTCOM, USSOCOM) from 1995 through 2003 and then the DEPCOMUSNAVCENT STE until 2005, which included support to MARCENT as well.


When soldiers were abducted from their posts, a technique combining ELF and resonance was used to locate them so that they could be rescued. Particles that were added to drinking water wells, fuel drums and other geo-specific origins were conceived that would make individuals sweat visible in other color spectrums by other platforms. Exhaust from vehicles fueled in specific areas could be tracked by their plumes. Using both of these technologies together, targets could be tracked and/or located WITHOUT putting HUMINT assets in harms way, leading to the saving of many lives. Our Nation is engaged in ONE FIGHT – there is a place for “Jack Ryan” to strike fear into our enemies. It’s the ghosts that our enemies’ nightmares are made of. It was said by the DCINC during an operations brief of the ghost operator – “It’s a good thing he is on our side.

This article was submitted to the Whiskey Patriots staff from a former member of the Department of Defense. The author wishes to remain anonymous.