One of the advantages about writing is that you often have the benefit of time. How you use that time will illuminate if you have backbone or no backbone in your opinions and observations.  In my last article I made a prediction based on what I was hearing and observing from the American Pickle Barrel from Georgia to Pennsylvania up and into the heartland of the country roads of Appalachia. I made my prediction of no Democratic Blue Wave in the 2018 midterm’s elections. I even made a bold prediction, even if it had a small chance of being true, that the Republicans would gain seats in the U.S. Senate and hold the house by the slimmest of margins. I based that on what I was hearing in many of these states on the east coast and into the hills and flatlands of Appalachia.

At first, I thought myself a “Dullard” or a “Half-Dimwit”. I decided to give my election analysis time to develop because I had developed irresolution in my conviction of my opinion. As I traveled this great nation again post-midterm election, I found myself in the liberal stronghold of Chicago.  I was attending a three-day conference attended by some of Chicago’s and the nation’s top resolute liberal Democrats. Talk about a “pig in a slaughterhouse feeling.” Oh, how I hearkened for a conservative conversation! To my surprise what I heard by many of these social justice warriors and liberal civil servants was irresolution with their mid-election victory! I expected unbridled enthusiasm and touchdown celebrations to revel that of NFL’s ‘White Shoes’ Johnson’s. How can this be? If one is watching the mainstream media and everything coming out of the Washington D.C. bubble, Trump’s presidency was now over and Republicans lost all legislative power. It was a Mohamad Ali, “down goes Frazier” moment. However, it was not like that outside the beltway of the D.C. bubble.

The mid-term election was no blue wave. It was a swell at best. Historically, this was nowhere near the pickup of 63 house seats the Republicans picked up in 2010 or the 53 seats pick up in the Newt Gingrich-led Republican revolution.

Under Obama, the Democratic Party lost 13 governorships and 816 State Legislative seats, the most since Dwight Eisenhower. He lost his 60-seat majority in the senate and 257-seat majority in the house, a net loss of 12 and 64 seats, respectively. To put it simply, Clinton lost 54 house seats and Obama lost 60 during their first midterms. Trump lost 35. Bill Clinton lost 8 Senate seats and Obama lost 6. Trump won 2!

Most importantly, there was little-to-no change in the state governorships and legislatures. It was more like a “tit for tat” on the state level. It became clear to me why I could sense a lack of resolution from the liberals outside of the D.C. bubble and the mainstream media.  Instead of a blue wave for the Democrats; there seemed to be a “green” wave – an increase in the amount of money spent on their national champions: Kennedy-wannabe Beto O’Rourke (TX), Andrew Gillum (FL) and Stacey Abrams (GA). The amount of money spent on these failed candidates from Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer, and Hollywood was obscene! The amount of coverage given to the Democrats this mid-term from the mainstream media should have drowned the Republicans in a loss far exceeding President Dwight Eisenhower. No blue wave.

President Trump beat them at every turn and worked harder than any of them, including his own party leadership in the House. Paul Ryan did nothing. Trump never tired at his break-neck pace during this cycle of the House. More than any time in our history, the House leadership election committees were not unified between the ‘Never Trumpers’ and those who supported conservative legislation. Globalist vs. American First- the majority was lost to Democrat ballot harvesting in California and Democrat political gerrymandering in Pennsylvania. Most of the other losses like Mea Love in Utah were due to those House Republicans distancing themselves from Trump. Those that were resolute in their convictions of conservatism and in their support for Trump won.

Lessoned learned: don’t run against Trump!

Rick Clay is an accomplished senior management executive with more than 30 years expertise in technical operations management, civil and military Infrastructure development, project management, government relations, and military operations. Mr. Clay was appointed by President George W. Bush White House as the Senior Deputy Adviser with responsibility to oversee the Iraqi Ministry of Housing and Construction. He has served both as a US Marine and a West Virginia National Guardsman.