A man and woman are competing for the same job, both have the same college degree and work experiences – both are equally qualified; both are hired, but the man makes more money. That’s a pay inequality issue, and a serious one at that.

Relegating, however, is handing a task off to someone you deem less worthy. By a man handing off a task simply because he is, well, a man, to a woman and acts as if she’s inferior; that is a great many things – but primarily, it’s chauvinistic, condescending; it’s relegating.

My wife is an amazing therapist. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, she has walked the journey with thousands of people – listening to their stories and helping them find a path to healing.

She has also worked with many men through the years, and while most of them were wonderful and integrity-based people, she recently worked with one that was simply dismissive of her; all women really. This man (whom I know) is sadly not a rare breed as a relegating person, but he is rare as to the extent of how he does it. He is an atypical egocentric man who sees himself above all (men included). He is essentially a full-blown narcissist.

When he assigns a task, he demeans while doing so. He talks down to people as if they are a lesser species of life. Sometimes I wonder if he even knows how bad his communicative habits are.

He is the type of guy that you cross three lanes of traffic to avoid when you see coming.

I titled this article as I did because of him. I’ve known plenty of people that have his behaviors; but none at the measure of how he delivers them. He is the peak of all things negative when it comes to speaking to women with condescension.

There is little more in life, less impressive, than an abuser of others; especially when in a position of power. We all know these types of people…. Stay away from them.

If you are a man, and you cannot handle yourself around women – leave.

If you are a man and you can’t control your dismissive behaviors – seek help.

If you are a man and you cannot see an equally qualified woman as your equal – grow up.

But please men, stop relegating to women. If you are their boss, leader, or supervisor – then delegate but praise equally for a job well done. Just be a kind spirit to people.

No, I am not talking about becoming wussified as a man, I am talking about giving respect to women. If anything, I am challenging men to be men – real men. A real man appreciates a woman for all that she is.

Be a real man for heaven’s sake.  Don’t relegate. Appreciate. Be a warrior for the good and well-being of our female counterparts. They deserve it.

Micah Richardson is a retired Peace Officer and Commander.  He’s a husband of 24 years and father of two amazing kids.  Micah is also a founding member at Operation Innocence, proud American and a Whiskey Patriot.  Micah is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Isaiah Systems Safety Consulting… not to mention a guy who prays … and hopes you will, too.