You already knew Facebook and Twitter censor conservatives … but did you know it’s happening on LinkedIn as well?  Here’s your proof.

Last week, I posted an article about a contract we make our employees sign covering everything from standing for The National Anthem, guns in the work place, and safe spaces to drinking on the job (we allow it).

It was a hit … getting more than 5,000 engagements in the first couple of days.

I can even still see it on my profile … so I didn’t know it had been “removed.”

Here’s the thing.  NOBODY else can see it — it’s been blocked.  With no notification given.  And if you click on the link on my other social media platforms (that worked for the first few days), it says the article has been removed.

Clearly LinkedIn doesn’t want you to know when they are censoring you … which is why I can still see it.  At least Facebook and Twitter tell you they are shutting your content down.

Google.  Facebook.  Twitter.  LinkedIn.

Conservatives are facing a full-blown attack against our voices … and if we don’t start fixing this… it’s going to be a bigger threat to the next election that some unsubstantiated whining about “Russia.”