You knew it was happening on Facebook and Twitter.  But did you know that LinkedIn is now shadow banning conservatives as well?

A few months ago, I was reaching tens of thousands of people on LinkedIn.  The videos and posts I shared always ranked at the top of the feeds of my followers.  Not anymore.

Every day, I’m getting messages from people letting me know that my content (and I’m sharing articles and videos several times a day) isn’t appearing in their feeds.

When they go directly to my page and try and share my posts, they’ll often get error messages.  The reach is now a fraction of what it was… despite having a rapidly rising following on LinkedIn. So what gives?

It’s simple.  I’m a proud conservative not afraid to share videos and articles pertaining to patriotism, law enforcement and making America great again.

Looking for some evidence?  Here’s one example.

I posted an article about a contract we make our employees sign covering everything from standing for The National Anthem, guns in the work place, and safe spaces to drinking on the job (we allow it). It was a hit … getting more than 5,000 engagements in the first couple of days.

Then… the engagement just flat out stopped.  It was like the article had disappeared.

But how was that possible? I could still see it on my profile … so I didn’t know it had been “removed.”

Here’s the thing.  Even though I could see it, NOBODY else could — it had been blocked.  With no notification given.  And if you clicked on the link on my other social media platforms (that worked for the first few days), it said the article had been removed.

And that, my friends, is how they do it. Clearly LinkedIn didn’t want me to know I was being shadow banned … which is why I could still see it.

I posted an article about that particular censoring, and it exploded.  A few days later… my original post magically reappeared with a message from LinkedIn apologizing for the “technical glitch”.  Yeah.  Right.  A technical glitch.

Google.  Facebook.  Twitter.  LinkedIn.  Conservatives are facing a full-blown attack against our voices, and it’s a dangerous threat to democracy.

It’s time to start regulating these tech giants.

Kyle S. Reyes is the founder of The Whiskey Patriots, Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing, and the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. Reyes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on patriotism and leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing by storytelling. You can follow him on Facebook.