James Woods reportedly saved a retired United States Marine from taking his own life this week, Fox News reported.

The former actor first took note of the tweet from USMC veteran Andrew MacMasters on Monday evening. MacMasters tweeted a disparaging last call for help.

“Tell me where you are,” Woods tweeted. “We can talk. I don’t care what anybody thinks. Do you? Let’s have a conversation. Just you you and I.”

Woods retweeted the since-deleted post, tagging Orlando Police and requesting that they drive to the WalMart parking lot that he was in to perform a welfare check.

“I’m following you now, so you can DM me. We can talk privately. Or we can talk openly right here. Lot of people worried about you right now,” Woods posted on the social media platform.

Woods encouraged MacMasters to hold off on making the final decision, saying, “So think about this. A lot of vets, I understand, have come to where you are tonight. If you could just push this decision off tonight, at least, maybe you would also inspire another vet to seek help. You could save another man, too. By waiting to do this.”

This is the kind of celebrity America desperately needs more of. Instead of the constant attacks on our President, the completely out of touch feelings, and the glorification of products and lifestyles that really don’t matter… why can’t celebs start using their voices for good?

This isn’t the first time that the 71 year-old actor has used his voice on social media to try and make a difference. Earlier this year Woods requested that every Californian with a “#BlueCheckMark” stop “trolling” the platform and instead help promote awareness and encouragement surrounding the evacuation due to wildfires.

With so much influence over the rest of the country, isn’t it time the people we hold in high regard use their status for good? Veteran suicide is a matter that we can all help fight. From giving back to non-profits like Will Power for Veterans and Irreverent Warriors to offering a simple message of support or a hug to someone in need, we can all make a difference. We can all take that step to help someone who is falling. We can be the one that helps pick them back up.

To our fellow members: we ask that over the next week you use a Random Acts of Whiskey Patriots card for a veteran in need and pass along that message of support. Let them know there is a community out there that not only wants to say thank you, but wants to give back in any way they can!

Together we can help make a difference and save lives.

Are you in?

Written by the Whiskey Patriots staff.