America’s Defenders Foundation was created in 2016 for the benefit of law enforcement and disabled veteran families.  We have created and grown multiple appreciation and support programs for those that serve our communities, country, and for those that are facing physical and emotional hardships from their service.

We feel it’s important for all to know that this organization was founded by two people that have served most of their adult lives for both country and community.  Mike and Lailani Rumfield have an emotional connection and motivation to serve and assist the law enforcement and veteran communities.  Mike has been in law enforcement for 19 years and is a U.S. Army veteran having served his time with the fabled 187th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division.   Mike began his career working in corrections and worked his way through the ranks and after almost two decades of service is in a Chief Deputy roll.  Lailani is the daughter of a 4 tour Vietnam veteran that served his first tour at 17 years old with MACV.  He later served with the 1st Infantry Division eventually serving his country for 11 years.  Lailani has been a law enforcement spouse for 15 years.  Many people outside of law enforcement don’t realize it, but law enforcement spouses are truly the backbone of our success.  They give us to the community everyday with no guarantee the community will give us back.  Spouses ensure the home is taken care of and allow us to fight the demons that wish to victimize innocent people each night.  It’s a thankless task with little appreciation.  Spouses are the epitome of service!

This organization isn’t here to make us our livelihood as no board member or ambassador is monetarily compensated for his or her efforts.  We try to recycle the highest percentage of money coming in to the programs or support that will benefit those we exist for. We have created the Thin Blue Line Ball, the largest multi-agency law enforcement ball in Texas, the Children of the Blue Line program, and the Service/Companion Dog Program.  In addition, AmDef is there to support local and state associations with additional help, if any is needed, when a critical incident occurs.

AmDef will be hosting its fourth Thin Blue Line Ball in April of 2019 and we are working on the second companion/service dog donation as we speak.

America’s Defenders Foundation is always looking to cultivate new corporate and personal relationships to further our mission.  If you are interested in exploring a relationship with us and help us help our nation’s defenders, please visit or email us at


We live that motto.  Please join with us and live it as well.