I am writing an open letter to the women in our country whom I now see as my enemies.

Yes, that is strong language, and it is so sad that I am now in a place in my life where I actually consider women who are American citizens, who are mothers, mostly the same skin color as mine, around my same age, and women that I could relate to on so many levels, as my enemies. Yet because of their radical hatred for fundamental rights that I cherish so dear to my heart, these women are my enemies.

You see, I am an American Woman.

That means I value freedom, life, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, the right to work, to pursue happiness, our military, our veterans, our law enforcement, and our amazing American way of life. I value our Second Amendment in its full, unrestricted power as our greatest right, and which separates us from the rest of the world. I understand why our founding fathers risked everything and some gave all in order for us to be able to own guns without restrictions. We should own the same guns our government owns just as the founding fathers did in their day, and I am beyond grateful for them and their brave actions in order for us to have the great right to bear arms, which shall not be infringed.

When I went to Washington DC a week ago to stand up against the massive attack on our second amendment with gun control legislation that is happening right under our nose with little fanfare, I was overwhelmed and surrounded by these women. I was practically all alone, being the only American Woman there. I say that I was the only American Woman there because these women are no longer “American Women”, they are socialists. We could call them by their preferred name, ‘Democratic Socialists’, however socialist is a socialist, no matter what term you match it with. It is still socialist. And socialist is NOT American!

These women who now believe in a radical ideology that is exactly the opposite of everything America stands for are no longer Americans in my mind, and they are undeserving of the great title of American Woman. There are oppressed women all over the world that would give anything to be an American Woman just to have the incredible freedoms that we are born with.

I have never related to people on identity factors such as skin color, sexual preference, or any other factor that is used to separate us or tie us together. I relate to people on their character, beliefs, convictions, work ethic, and who they are from their soul. Democratic Socialist women are my enemies because they want to destroy things I value so much. They are the women in our country fighting to kill babies, take away guns, to raise their children as gender neutral, want our future to be all female, who hate men (especially white men), and are the women you find propagating real hate and racism.

They venomously want to destroy the Second Amendment. This is where I am drawing the line.

In the past few days I have been attacked by many of them on social media because some of my videos from DC went viral. After all, I confronted David Hogg twice and was outspoken against their radical agenda to destroy our freedoms. They know who I am now, and I assure you, they consider me their enemy too. These radical socialist women are doing everything they can to destroy America as we know it and real American Women like me are doing everything we can to defend and preserve America.


I believe this is a war between women in America. Since I am probably one of the few willing to be open and honest about this truth, I will gladly take the lead on telling these enemies within our country, socialist women, exactly what I think.

Here is my letter to my enemies.


Dear Former American Sisters,

You all have been born into a birthright citizenship that you take for granted, do not value, and are trying to destroy and change. This land of freedom that you were lucky to be born into is something that you do not deserve. You, my former sisters, have turned your back on our great blessings and gifts of freedom that none of us earned with a single drop of our own sweat or blood. It was all handed to us by great men who used guns to gain it. Then they gave us the right to own guns in order to keep our freedoms because they knew how difficult it is to keep it and how precious it is to have it.

The truth is that freedom must have the greatest weapons to protect it and the bravest souls to maintain it.

Yet now, my former sisters, with your fear and hatred for guns, all you are trying to do is ban something you know nothing about. You and I are vastly different. We may share the same birthright, however, that is all we now have in common.

While you say stupid things like how you will throw objects at active shooters in order to protect yourself, I’m thankfully trained and equipped to stop a threat if need be. I own and carry guns with the greatest pride because of how much I value that right.

Also while many of your are so naive and ignorant to shout “yes” whenever smooth politicians want to pass gun legislation that bans all semi automatic and assault weapons, you fail to understand that most guns are semi-automatic. I know that because the handgun I conceal carry everyday is semi-automatic, as most guns are. Instead of being afraid to protect yourself and your children try educating yourself. Stop being so willing to throw away our freedoms. Don’t be a fool and don’t be a victim.

What you fail to accept is that good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns. What you fail to accept is that we have the Second Amendment that people gave their lives to give to us. What you fail to accept is that our founding fathers gave us the right to own guns just like our government has. They owned the exact same guns that the government owned in that day and wrote the Second Amendment with no restrictions on types of guns, amount of ammunition owned, or any other restrictions at all. Then they even went further and declared it shall not be infringed.

What you also fail to accept is that the Second Amendment protects women. As American Women, we have to the right to own and carry a gun with us so that no one can overpower us and so we can protect ourselves and our children. We can protect ourselves with guns from ever being forced to lose our freedoms. That alone makes us the most free women in the world. A reality that you so pathetically are willing to throw away and have no appreciation for.

Then there is the sad fact that you would rather depend on the government to take care of you and protect you. You don’t appreciate the brave people that gave you your freedom and right to bear arms. Not only do you not appreciate the freedom given to you at the highest cost you also don’t appreciate your position as an American Woman. Women who are raped, beaten, forced into labor, forced to wear head and full body coverings, and treated the same as dogs would give anything to protect themselves. Persecuted people groups by tyrannical governments would give anything to have the right to own guns like we can. Yet you are so ungrateful and irrational you want to throw our Second Amendment away. You make me sick and embarrassed that you are my American sister.


You protest and say, “stand up for children” in united red t-shirts in your gun control activist group like Moms Demand Action.

You want our children in schools completely unguarded like sitting ducks with no armed guards to protect them because you are so afraid of guns. Yet the reality is, if we want to really stand up for children, then we should protect them like we do celebrities, politicians, and gold!

With armed guards!

WITH guns!

Remember before schools were Gun Free zones, school shootings were a rare threat. In those days, whenever a lunatic with guns entered a school to shoot innocent people, they were quickly met by the good guys with guns inside the school. That is because it was so common that school principals, coaches, some teachers, and even some students had guns AT SCHOOL! Those threats were stopped immediately by good guys with guns. It is amazing to me how so many of you women seem to have forgotten that fact while you run around in hysteria blaming guns for mass shootings.

Not one single gun got up and killed anyone. Every singe time, it was the murderer who killed. If it is not a gun they choose to use, it will be another weapon. A knife. A car to run people down. A bomb. A rock, just like Cain killed his brother Abel. Murder is not new and it is not going away.

Speaking of lunatics with guns, why don’t you and your Moms Demand Action friends and your gun-grabbing donors like Michael Bloomberg focus your efforts on the medications these shooters are on? Surely since you are gripped with irrational ignorant fear about how guns are at fault, possibly you could redirect your efforts into researching why virtually all school shooters are on or just stopped taking psychiatric medications that cause side effects like homicidal or suicidal thoughts. Since most of you liberal democratic socialist women are so educated and “smart”, I would think you would have read the continual studies that over and over tell of how virtually all of these mass shooters are taking psychiatric drugs and/or SSRI antidepressants or coming off of them, which all bear the “black box” FDA warning label which is our governments most serious warning. The warnings are that these psychiatric drugs are linked to mania, violence, hostility, aggression, psychosis, and suicidal and homicidal ideation (thoughts or fantasies of homicide that can be planned).

“We’re not looking for a fight. We’re looking for an overwhelming advantage.” (Florida School Employs Armed Combat Veterans)

Perhaps if all of you could focus on the logic and truth that is so glaring in all of our eyes, that the real cause of mass shootings are linked to the severe disturbing side effects of medications that nearly every mass shooter had been prescribed, then you could leave our Second Amendment alone! Then you all could focus your uncanny shrieking and nagging abilities on the FDA and pharmaceutical companies and make these drugs with horrific violent side effects illegal. If you all did that then you would actually all be accomplishing something worthy for all of us and actually be “standing up for children!”

However in the meantime, while you all are still in your deranged state of denial and refusing to believe the truth that our Second Amendment is what makes America the greatest country in the world, do us freedom loving American Women a favor.

Leave our guns alone!!

I hope to God that America never becomes the place you want it to be. Where we hand over our guns and let the government control us and “protect” us. History has seen that before. Germany, China, Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela. Millions were murdered under socialist and communist rule in the past century. It amazes me how you refuse to pay attention to the lessons of history, just like you refuse to remember how we weren’t victims of mass shootings at school because schools were not gun free zones.

Yet more and more you want to hand over your rights to our government just like a good little obedient socialist. Which is an irony I find amusing, since all of you claim to be feminist and stand up for women’s rights.

Oh, but you are probably one of those Democratic Socialist who think it is totally different. Do yourself a favor and stop believing “your truth” and open your eyes to the real truth.

It’s no different.


Democratic socialism is the same as socialism. Socialism is socialism. The word Democratic only means that the Democrat party is now the party of socialism. The sooner we all face the truth of this reality the better off we will all be, and all of you socialist women can be honest now. You, who claim to be feminist and demand the future to be female, all just really are incapable of taking care of yourselves and just want “The Man” to take care of you because you think you won’t have to lift a finger once America is transformed.

Fools. Complete and total fools you are.

This cushy life you have in America came from men with guns who risked it all and told us we have the right to bear arms and it shall not be infringed. Oh and yes you do have a cushy life because as women, America is the only country on Earth that affords us real freedom. I can only imagine what those brave men, our great Founding Fathers, would say to you now. As you cowardly, spew your nonsense and attack our Second Amendment arguing that good guys with guns don’t stop or make any difference against a bad guy with a gun. As you embrace an ideology of socialism that they risked their lives and many lost their lives, in order to free us of tyrannical governments and oppression we have never even known. For it is with guns, that our Founding Fathers and the real American Women behind them in that day, took up and bravely freed themselves.

True heroism and selfless acts through the willingness to brandish the most violent weapon we can own, which is a gun, in order to guard and guarantee our freedoms, to provide this life we now have, is something none of you women who are enemies of America and mine, could ever understand.

I think our founding fathers would be repulsed with your idiocy.

I know I am.

That is why I will continue to stand in direct opposition to you, because you, my former sisters, have turned your backs on our founding fathers gifts and our heritage of freedom. You have now become the enemies within who seek to undermine and destroy the greatest freedom any people can possess, which is the right to bear arms.

Let the war begin…

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a proud Whiskey Patriot, entrepreneur, business owner, writer, commentator, speaker, defender of the Second Amendment, shooting enthusiast, CrossFit athlete, wife, and mother redeemed through grace.  She states: “Our life is a sum total of our decisions. Every day I have the gift to choose to make it an amazing life.”