A recent conversation with a 17-year-old senior in a small town public school helped confirm what I already knew about the school system these days – it’s failing the students.

Students in schools today are being deprived of one very important subject – life skills.

A majority of seniors graduating high school today will have no idea how to sew on a button, cook a basic meal, change a tire or hammer a nail into a piece of wood. Looking back on my years in school, I took classes that taught these skills, plus an archery class for 4 years. Skills like these and many others will be a necessity for them in life, and they will be graduating high school without them.  Hopefully the parents will at least give some guidance on these because the schools sure won’t.

Students are being offered college courses in high school, and some of them, like the young lady I spoke with, did not know what they were taking because it was chosen for them based on their academics, not their career goals or even basic classes to help give them a head start. This young lady was chosen to take a college theatre course, although she has a goal to get her BSN and provide care to cancer patients.  There’s not exactly a need for theatre there if I do say so myself.

If the schools are going to allow the students to take college courses, why not at least make them a basic 101 class they will probably have to take their first year of college anyway?  Or, even better, require a course that helps teach them the trade they wish to pursue.

I was also informed that this young lady, a senior, has little knowledge of how to write an essay, take notes or take a test that is not multiple choice. She even admitted the teachers had “babied” them to the point they are not prepared for college or a career.

By a student’s senior year, they should have at least a basic knowledge of how to write an essay, speak properly and take notes in a classroom setting during a lecture. I had to inform her that much to her surprise, college is made up of essays and very little multiple choice tests. How can we expect a student to learn to pay attention and take notes on important matters that they will need in college and a career if they are not being made to do this in school? Is the school system so focused on funding from tests that the students are only being taught to take a multiple choice test? Students are being failed and they know it!

Schools are also cutting down on field trips, trips to important museums, business and historic places. This young lady is afraid she won’t get to go on her yearly trip to the capitol of her state.  It’s something that she enjoys attending and learning about the history of the state and government.

Leaders, wake up! These students are being cheated out of very important experiences and knowledge that they want and need! Every single student should be taught the history of our nation and government.  Trust me, it’s more important now than ever before. They should especially be able to take a tour of the historic museums and see where our government takes place and what they do.  This could be inspiring future leaders of our country and they are being let down!

How many cries does it take to say enough is enough?

When will the system start focusing on the students and their genuine education rather than funding and state exams?

Yes, this is happening in your area too and it needs to be stopped.  The students, the future career holders and future leaders of this country deserve better.

Brittany Judd is a Whiskey Patriot from the Southeast Missouri area, where she lives and work in the electrical distribution industry.  She is the founder of the Legacy of Love Jim Dowdy Memorial, which provides support to children diagnosed with cancer. She’s a proud supporter of our troops and an Adapt-A-Soldier sponsor.