Austin. A speck of Blue in a State that is a sea of Red. And I am an even smaller speck of Red in that island of Blue. It’s not easy being a strong Conservative in a city that has become dominated by Leftist Liberals.


I was born here in the early ‘70s. Born the year LBJ died. There were actually very few voting places for Republicans in Austin during that time. Voting fairness and equality were vastly different back then than they are now. That being said, the influx of Liberals from the West Coast, primarily Commiefornia … pardon me, California … and from the East Coast — New York is the chicken dinner winner there — have turned Austin from a laid-back hippie haven into a true liberal hipster hell.


Austin at one point was a peaceful, beautiful city that enjoyed great dialogue, no matter what your political affiliation. Nestled in the heart of the Hill Country, with its gentle, tree-covered hills, winding roads, masses of wildflowers and vast expanse of lakes, it quickly became the “IT” place to be for the entertainment industry (Little Hollywood) and the tech sector (Little Silicon Valley). With large music events befitting the “Live Music Capital of the World,” such as South By Southwest (aka SXSW) and Austin City Limits (ACL) Fest, and venues like the F1 track just outside of the city limits, the influx of the wealthy out-of-state Liberal quickly overran the natural beauty of the area and the Austin (or even Texas) natives. They are not only responsible for the ever-increasing traffic problems but have also driven up cost of living exponentially, pushing most Austin natives out of the city because they can no longer afford to live here. (Who also don’t want to put up with the liberal vitriol that has permeated just about every corner of this once-peaceful city.) If you can believe it – and I can, living here as I do — Austin has now been rated to be even more liberal than  San Francisco.


Let me ask you:  have you ever felt discriminated against? Have you ever felt those sea of eyes filled with Blue sentiment staring down upon you in judgement? Do you know how it feels to be prejudged simply because of your Christian faith or your political affiliation or the fact that you’re a Conservative – and a woman at that — in a city that screams LIBERAL? The Democrats don’t burn crosses anymore or suppress a woman’s right to vote, instead they call women like me


  • a traitor to my sex because I refuse to support a woman who has blood on her hands and is as evil and vile as one can get
  • a hater of healthcare equality because I am firmly against abortion
  • uninformed and uneducated because I don’t subscribe to their erroneous and dangerous rhetoric
  • racist because I believe in LEGAL immigration ONLY
  • a white supremacist/fascist/Nazi/insert any stereotype against white conservatives here, who is awash in so called “white privilege” and should claim white guilt, simply because of the color of my skin.


By the way, they’re totally misusing the term “fascist.” Fascism’s modus operandi is to forcibly suppress opposing speech and opposition. That’s exactly what the Left does. Work to shut down ANYBODY who doesn’t drink their Kool-Aid, regurgitate their talking points, and think like them. They still hate anyone with a brain who actually uses it to think for themselves. Being White, Christian, and Conservative in Austin is dangerous. Being anything other than free-for-all socialist, self-hating, excuse-giving, offended, judgmental, bandwagon-jumping, group-think-supporting, Fluoride-water-damaged, pro-abortion, pro-open-border, illegal-rights-first, anti-American, beta sheep is not passively frowned upon but, instead, met with intolerance and violence.


These days, try wearing any article of clothing that says you support our current president, and you’re likely to be barred from entering certain establishments – yes, it’s happened to me:  verbally berated, personal space invaded, property damaged, and sometimes even physically accosted. I am the treasurer for the grassroots Conservative organization Texans United For America. We draw a lot of the ire and caustic behavior from the Left — especially radical extremist groups like ANTIFA and Red Guard. We’ve received threats to ourselves and our families, including death threats. We’ve actually had to take on individual security now for our events because the threats are so credible.


This came about as a result of a peaceful march last December against sanctuary cities and in memory and honor of Kate Steinle, a young American woman who was murdered by an illegal immigrant who had already been deported five times and was a seven-time felon. He was acquitted of her murder just a few days prior to this march and was slated to be deported. Like that worked the previous FIVE times?


That day we were surrounded by almost 100 cowardly masked and armed ANTIFA and Red Guard members. Armed with what, you ask? Many with the very same semi-automatic rifles that their liberal Democratic protectors and sympathizers are trying to have banned. Talk about a case of “what’s good for me is not good for thee.” Their Leftist enablers could not be reached for comment.


As we marched peacefully to the State Capital Building, the former president of Texans United For America was maced directly in the eyes by a tiny Asian woman wearing a mask who had been encouraged to do so by another ANTIFA member with a particular bent against her; the masked cowards tried to attack certain male members of our group – all in plain sight of law enforcement officers from two different agencies; and, as the same diminutive Asian woman tried to hit our current Texans United For America president beside me, I stepped in the way of that fist to protect her and took the blow instead. For what? Trying to make sure that my friend, a Latina American and fellow supporter of America and Americans first, was safe – at a peaceful assembly.


Please tell me in what rational, normal mindset is any of that O.K.? Have you ever heard of a Leftist protest/counter-protest rally that isn’t filled with profanity, vulgarity, and calls to disturb the peace? Send me the video link.


I have several friends who are in the Conservative movement of Patriots working to take our country back from the rabid left-wing mindset that has taken over, and they are astounded at what Austin has become. With the influx of left-wingers from both coasts, they have permeated our City Council, our public school board, and other governing bodies that shape this city. They are like locusts, leaving one area that they have ravished and destroyed, only to come to another to do the same thing. The irony is that at least some of them have left those areas because they grew to hate what those places had become because of the laws their like-minded politicians passed and the rights they took away. But they are trying to do the very same thing here in Austin.


Bag ban? Yeah. Now, within the Travis County limits, you’re pretty much cooked if you forget to bring your recyclable, reusable bags from home. Unless you want to purchase them so that you’re not juggling your items to keep them from falling on the ground. That’s a very California thing that was passed years ago by our California-permeated City Council. One liberal lawmaker tried to pass a restriction on barbecue restaurants a few years back. Seriously? This California transplant tried to make the aroma of barbecue illegal because, according to this person, it was unsafe and bothering surrounding businesses and neighborhoods. After the proposed ban was soundly defeated at the polls, it came out that this City Council member had a friend who sold a product that supposedly filtered out the scent from the cookers and vents in the restaurants that make barbecue. That product would have been required for every restaurant, had the ban passed, and they would have received a kickback for it. Talk about “you wash my back and I’ll wash yours.”


It just goes to show you that no matter how liberal we get, you can only push us so far. This is Texas, people. Conservative or Liberal, we love our BBQ and you don’t mess with it!


Let’s not mention the extreme anti-2A sentiment or the almost worshipful earth first movement. And how about those liberal college students with the worthless degrees like Liberal Arts, Intercultural/Ethnic Studies, Fine Arts, or Mass Media? They’re more likely to be serving you your coffee at Starbucks or meal at a local restaurant than actually using their degree. Heaven forbid you show any Conservative, Patriotic sentiment when you order. You probably won’t get what you asked for, or worse, get an extra something you didn’t ask for. The University of Texas, while I bleed Burnt Orange, is a haven for the extreme and radical Leftist groups such as ANTIFA and Red Guard. The girl that maced my friend and hit me in December? Administrative Assistant there. One of the people that we’ve been threatened by? Works for the University as well. Is it any small wonder this is coming from an institution of higher learning that very recently declared masculinity a mental disorder? What kind of higher learning is that?! Give me a REAL MAN any and every time over the weak-minded, beta, girly boys society is churning out these days.


Differing viewpoint from a prospective employer with extremely liberal leanings, such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and the other big California companies that have moved into the Austin area? Good luck getting hired by them. No individual thinking, non-Kool-Aid-drinking applicants need even try. And, if you do want a job there, best keep your political affiliations and Conservative sentiments to yourself. Better yet, lock down all of your social media.


The sad part about this entire thing is seeing my once-beloved, mostly harmonious and peaceful city turned into a bastion of intolerance and hatred and anti-Patriotic American sentiment — unless you’re a left-winger, and then you’re free to do and say whatever you want to whomever and whatever you want and will be lauded and excused for it. They will make excuses for you and why you are entitled to do and feel and behave the way that you do and how we should just accept it.


There is a silver lining to this current cloud we are under, however. People are getting fed up with it and are starting to band together in support of Conservative viewpoints. They’re tired of being vilified for their beliefs and values. They’re sick of their viewpoints being ignored. They’re done with being pushed out of the city they once proudly called home. And just like what is happening in the rest of America, a wave is coming and the tide is rising. We are no longer the silent majority allowing the very vocal minority to dictate our way of living. We are standing up, speaking out, and fighting back.


May God continue to bless America and may He continue to bless Texas!

Author–Nicole Boedeker