RED Friday.

You’ve probably heard the term before. If you haven’t, it’s a movement put forth to keep those fighting for our liberties in our thoughts and prayers.

Remember Everyone Deployed.

For many Americans, the decision to take a stand and defend our nation is an easy step, one they were born to make. They were simply called to serve, and believe in sacrifice and service above self.

But that decision to take up arms and fight against enemies, both foreign and domestic, is something that so many of us are unwilling or unable to do.

Because of this, we want to honor these warriors. We teamed up with America Supports Law Enforcement to make that happen.

Here’s how.

Each Friday we will feature a veteran that is currently deployed or one who gave their life in the greatest sacrifice they could.

You’ll see names you know, and others that you don’t. We just ask that you take a moment and give thanks, say a prayer, and pass along the love to keep these men and women lifted up.

Want to recognize a member of the military?

Email us at with a photo and information about the veteran you’d like featured.

Help us in honoring these incredible Americans!

Want to grab a RED shirt? Check out our friends over at Soldier Solutions right here.