Schumer has gone too far this time!

The Coast Guard could have been funded today, without them having to stop the political bulls–t show. A Republican senator with a large group of Democratic co-sponsors created a single purpose bill. They did the legwork and went to President Trump and asked him directly if they got it passed would he signed it. He said absolutely. Nothing else in this bill except fund the Coast Guard. They put it on the fast track earlier in the week where it could have been passed without going to the floor. Numerous Republicans all voted. By yesterday, no Democrats. So they brought it to the floor for a verbal vote to get it moving. All while President Trump is sitting and waiting for it so everyone could jump into action to get them paid today.

Schumer then refuses to let it go to a vote. Throws some procedural nonsense all the while claiming they are no different than any of the rest of the federal employees not being paid.


The IRS has employees that were called back after a vote to get paid and we have people deployed around the world interacting with terrorists and drug lords literally living up to their motto “So others may live.” A branch of our military is not getting paid. How in the hell can the IRS have critical employees and not the Coast Guard?

They are the only military branch that is being left out. Why? Because they moved them under the Department of Homeland Security after 9/11 so they could board ships and such without the DOD and Military rules.

Well, we are not the incompetent government.

We are Victory For Veterans.

We convened a special meeting of our board and we voted quickly, and now we are raising money to help them. We have joined forces with Whiskey Patriots and hope to join forces with other military, LEO, first responder and veteran organizations that recognize we are breaking the cardinal rule, we are standing by while our younger brothers and sisters are being left behind!

I will not stand by as long as I am alive and be quiet while we have fathers deployed and mothers standing in line to feed their children! The Coast Guard has a single mission to rescue Americans when they are in trouble.

So, I hope the silent majority won’t be silent right now and will donate, share, post and help us make this viral. Go raise some military hell and let these clowns in Washington know this is going too far.

We will start with families that have not been able to receive help any other way.

Not all of them can apply for loans and such, and don’t forget our military doesn’t make much over welfare to begin with. How financially smart were you when you were 22? But they still have children to feed. Many of the mothers are alone while their husbands are away. I know because my daughter is married to a Coast Guard warrior right now and they are experiencing this first hand.

They are different from the rest of the federal workers. They are truly being held hostage.

The other federal workers can file for Unemployment.

The other federal workers can sue the government for unfair work conditions.

The other federal workers have Unions who can step in and fight for them.

The other federal workers are not forced to work, and have to abide by the UCMJ, which still states you can be shot by a firing squad if you walk off the job.

The other federal workers can apply for second jobs, something our shipmates deployed right now can’t do.

The other federal workers do not have near as many rules about ethics as the members of the Armed Forces.

We will begin with $500 per family so we want to raise $50,000 and help 100 families as fast as we can.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit so your donation is tax deductible and we are giving 100% directly to them nothing stays with us!

We are normally vets helping vets, but this weekend we need to help our younger generation that’s still active. If you all give more, we will help more. If we triple $50K we will give it all away until it’s gone or we have helped every Coast Guard member that is serving today!



Terry Jenkins

Board Member of Victory For Veterans a 501(c)(3)

Board Advisor Whiskey Patriots