The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.  ~Aristotle

One of the challenges we face with society today is the “it’s all about me” mentality.

All across America, people are struggling quietly.  Whether it’s a battle to put meals on the table, find encouragement during difficult emotional times, recover from an injury or just find their way in life… so many Americans are going about their lives in need of support or even just a friendly smile.

If we could step back from the “it’s all about me” mentality for a minute and look…truly LOOK… at others… could we help?

Could a couple unexpected extra bucks in a tip make sure that a mom could pay for formula?

Could picking up the tab for coffee for the guy behind you in line help lift a man’s spirits who was stressing about his upcoming work review?

Could stopping to change a flat pull someone back from the brink of suicide?

And when these seemingly unexpected and random acts of kindness occurred… what if they could be used to inspire others to do good as well?

Enter: Random Acts of Whiskey Patriots.

Soon we’ll be launching the membership side of our family.

When an individual joins The Whiskey Patriots family, they’ll receive a packet of 52 “Random Acts of Whiskey Patriots” cards as part of their welcome packet.  We’ll ask them to commit to one simple act of kindness each week. No fame.  No glory.  But the opportunity to help … and inspire others.

Instead of taking thanks or a reward or even leaving your name, you’ll leave behind a simple card from The Whiskey Patriots Family letting the recipient of the good deed know that there’s an entire family out there for them.. watching, protecting, praying and supporting them.

When a business joins The Whiskey Patriots Chamber of Commerce, they’ll also receive a packet of 52 “Random Acts of Whiskey Patriots” cards. We ask their business to do the same.

On the card, we encourage the recipient to share the story of what happened to them and hashtag #WhiskeyPatriots so we can track the stories, inspiration and hope and share it with others.

Imagine the power of a million Americans doing one act of kindness per week. That’s 52 MILLION acts of kindness per year.

That’s lives saved… families helped… individuals touched.

So in anticipation of opening up the platform for others to help… we’re going to get this kindness party started.

Each week, we’re going to commit to a random act of kindness.  It could be desperately needed cash.  It could be prayers.  It could be something else.  But we need you to help us find those needs.

Fill out the form below and nominate someone.  We won’t share their name publicly – or yours.  They might just be the person picked this week.

God’s angels have lots of work to do.  Let’s take some of it off their plate so they can focus on more important things.


Random Acts Of Kindness

Nominate someone today!