“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.” ~Ronald Regan

What keeps me up at night isn’t the stress of running a couple of businesses. Providing for my family.  Paying the bills.  Finding work/life balance.

What keeps me awake at night is this quote from Ronald Regan.  It’s an all too often forgotten message that everything we have is built on the backs of those who sacrificed more than we’ll ever know for us to be able to have it.

I’ve watched friends come back from Iraq and Afghanistan wounded, both physically and emotionally.  But I’ve seen that damage compounded as they look out at a country sharply divided… a country they barely recognize anymore.

I have other friends who have been riddled with bullets while holding the Thin Blue Line here at home.  They’ve faced attack after attack only to suffer bureaucratic assaults that are even more vicious… from the men and women who were elected to support them, and then stabbed them in the back.

And what’s terrifying about that is just how much it’s dividing our country.

We see polar opposites – those who are battled hardened … and those who are soft and need safe spaces.  Those who will fight and die for their country and not think twice about the cost… and those whose biggest battle in life will be a picket for $15 an hour minimum wage to make soy lattes.  Those who teach their children to be patriots… and those who teach their children to be pushovers.

My good friend Eli Crane, former Navy SEAL Sniper and CEO of Bottle Breacher, put it best:

“Hard times create strong men.  Strong men create good times.  Good times create weak men.  Weak men create hard times.”

It seems as if every day, I’m seeing masked, self-proclaimed ANTIFA members calling for violence and war.  They are the very fascists that they declare they fight against.  They portray themselves as the strong millennials… the freedom fighters.

They are not.

The freedom fighters were my friends who dropped out of college after 9/11 to join the military and actuallyfight.  They are those who know war and blood and pain and anguish and sacrifice.

They aren’t the entitled millennials… they are the ones protecting the ability of the snowflakes to march in the streets and call for violence and Civil War.

Let’s pray that we can bring our country back together again, lest it comes to this:

“It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people.”

Never ask for a war you aren’t able to fight.  ESPECIALLY when facing a battle-hardened warrior with such a deep love of country that they’ve already been willing to sacrifice everything for it once before… and will do so again.

Kyle S. Reyes is the founder of The Whiskey Patriots, Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing, and the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. Reyes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on patriotism and leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing by storytelling. You can follow him on Facebook.