A couple of weeks ago, one of the account managers at our marketing agency picked up on something pretty interesting from Google – a unique kind of discrimination.

It sort of shows you where we are in society.

My account manager had gotten a telephone call from the Chief Marketing Officer of a restaurant chain that’s a client of ours.  The CMO asked our opinion on how to handle a seemingly new feature in Google Business.

For those of you not familiar with how this works, it goes like this.

You Google a business – let’s say, for example, a restaurant.

The business listing comes up with information about the restaurant.  It lets you know if the restaurant is kid-friendly.  Or has outdoor dining.  Or offers a gluten-free menu.

If the restaurant doesn’t have those items marked off, it’s assumed that they are not kid-friendly, gluten-free, outdoor dining, or whatever.

Google is now offering two new options: “LGBTQ-Friendly” and “Transgender Safespace.”

Ignoring for a second that most restaurant owners surely don’t even know they can manage their own business listing on Google, we need to discuss a bigger issue.

Google is now apparently in the business of dividing Americans through businesses.

Haven’t marked off that you’re “LGBTQ-friendly”?  Surely you hate gays.

You don’t offer a “transgender safe space”?  I’m boycotting you and suing your business for discrimination.

It’s getting out of control.  So here’s what I’d like to see.

“Blue Lives Matter Safe Space.” “Gun-friendly.” “Patriotic Americans Given Free Bourbon.” “Liberal Trigger Warning.”  “Conservatives Welcome.”

But of course asking for something like THAT just makes me a bigot.