Our family at The Whiskey Patriots believes it’s time to do more for those who serve and protect our communities and our country.

But we also believe we owe a debt of gratitude to their families as well.

That’s why we’re proud to make one of the coolest announcements since we were created.

We’ve partnered with Law Enforcement Today along with 1stTix and VetTix to give away 2.5 MILLION free tickets to concerts, sporting events and entertainment venues for 2019.


1stTix and VetTix are giving away millions of tickets to sporting events, concerts and more to the families of veterans and first responders.

Our goal is to demonstrate to those who serve and protect our communities and our country that they are not alone.

“Once a year, we’re reminded to say ‘thanks’ to our police officers,” said Kyle Reyes, National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today and the founder of The Whiskey Patriots.  “We wanted to give more than just words and do it every single day.  We wanted to also show our gratitude towards all first responders, our veterans and their families as well.”

Here’s how the program works.  First responders and veterans can apply to be a part of the program.  They are vetted to ensure they are actually who they say they are.  They then have access to tickets to some of the biggest sporting events, concerts and entertainment venues across the country almost entirely for free.

The numbers speak for themselves.

There’s a nominal admin fee, which caps at under $16.00 for a four pack of tickets.  Those are the funds that fuel the operations team.  The tickets are donated by everyone from every day Americans to companies like TicketMaster and Live Nation, along with smaller theaters and venues across the country.

“Many of our first responders and our veterans have extremely tight budgets at home,” said Captain Robert Greenberg, an active police officer and the Founder of Law Enforcement Today.  “They just don’t have the funds to bring their spouses and kids to see Toby Keith or their favorite sports team.  With this partnership, we’re making that possible.”

If you’re a first responder interested in signing up for the program or learning more, click here.

If you’re in the military and interested, click here.