Former defensive tackle Steve Martin is under investigation for ripping off dozens of people, says AG in his home state of Missouri.

FDNY Captain Brian Hickey was identified by the sweat of the brow of his battered helmet, all that was recovered after he perished alongside 342 of his firefighter brethren on the dark morning of September 11, 2001. On Christmas Eve ten years later, Hickey’s 18-year-old son Dennis died of an opiate overdose, caused, partly his mother says, because of the pain of losing his father and the unending aftermath of the most devastating terror attack in the world.

Now Donna Hickey is undergoing a new fight altogether, this time with a former NFL player who has been under repeated investigation in Missouri for being at the center of a Timeshare scheme, one that cost her $18,000, money her husband died for.

“I didn’t want my children being burdened with the Timeshares. After my son died I didn’t get any enjoyment out of them and wanted to get out of five weeks I had bought to try to help them after their father was killed,” said Hickey, who lives in Bethpage, Long Island.

Martin Management Group was started in 2004 by Steven Albert Martin, who at that time played his final NFL season as a Minnesota Viking, and his brother David Lee Martin. Martin had played for the New England Patriots in 2002. Bill Belichick cut him from the team days before the Patriots were slated to play his old team the New York Jets after Martin spoke to New York city newspapers about his reduced role on the field during a losing game. He played a total of 9 seasons for the NFL.

The Martin brothers firm has steadfastly been the subject of fraud complaints since its inception and is currently the subject of an Attorney General’s investigation in Missouri, his home state. The Better Business Bureau in Springfield, MI also issued a warning to customers last October after it received dozens of complaints that consumers had lost “thousands of dollars” after signing contracts with Martin Management to liquidate their timeshares.

Martin not only refused to call back his customers, he also ignored calls placed by the BBB, according to an October 2017 press release that served as a warning to consumers. “The company has an F rating,” the BBB said in the release, “the lowest rating.” []

“It’s a scam,” said retired FDNY Captain Kevin McCabe, who is working with Hickey to get action from Steve Martin. “They steal thousands of dollars and then pack up and move out.”

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