In 1981, the rock band Triumph released the song this article is titled after; Fight the Good Fight.

You can google the song with the lyrics… it’s a great song to sing along too. But when you do, pay special attention to the lyrics themselves, and the meaning behind them.

For those of us serving or whom have served our country in some capacity, we know all too well what the Good Fight is – it is providing safety, so that we may continue with our freedoms. The very reason for having these freedoms afforded is because brave men and women have and continue to Fight the Good Fight.

See, we all have a choice every single day as to what we do that day; which boils down to decisions made each hour, or in the moment. Fighting the Good Fight is a challenge, but as it is stated in the song, it’s also worth repeating here – Fight the Good Fight every moment, every minute, every day- Fight the Good Fight every moment, it’s your only way”. That is crucial to remember, it’s every minute and every minute of every day.

At no time does the singer tell you to give up, give in or quit…

I will tell you this about staying in the Fight, it won’t be easy… as my buddy JE mentioned in his post this week – Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering” -T.Roosevelt.

So, we get it Micah, stay in the Fight– now what?

That’s it – stay in the Fight. Period.

When you stop caring, you begin to make unintentional sacrifices through choice.

If I am having a rough day, and I just want to go home or get out of work – what do I accomplish? Maybe, just maybe, I should hit reset and address the problem from a different approach. By not giving into emotion, I can tackle the issue. I have now moved past the “this sucks” moment and actually solved what was affecting me in the first place.

There are hundreds of thousands of examples I could give you about perseverance and staying in the Fight and why it matters, but I will use just this one; and reference to another.

For those of you over the age of 45, you should remember this event – but it’s not just a story about a rescue of a little girl; it’s about staying in the Fight and how it united people everywhere.

“October, 1987, in an event that had viewers around the world glued to their televisions, 18-month-old Jessica McClure is rescued after being trapped for 58 hours in an abandoned water well in Midland, Texas.

The drama unfolded on the morning of October 14, 1987, when McClure fell through the 8-inch-wide opening of an abandoned well while playing with other children in the backyard of her aunt’s home day-care center. After dropping about 22 feet into the well, the little girl became stuck. Over the next two-and-a-half days, crews of rescue workers, mining experts and local volunteers labored around the clock to drill a shaft parallel to the one in which McClure was trapped. They then tunneled horizontally through dense rock to connect the two shafts. A microphone was lowered into the well to keep tabs on the toddler, who could be heard crying, humming and singing throughout the ordeal.

On the night of October 16, a bandaged and dirt-covered but alert Baby Jessica, as she became widely known, was safely pulled out of the well by paramedics. By that time, scores of journalists had descended on Midland, a West Texas oil city, and the rescue was carried out on live television before a massive audience”. (The History Channel)

At no time did the rescuers give up – they stayed in the Fight. They fought the Good Fight, every minute of each day until Jessica was rescued.

I watched this unfold live, in fact, most of the country did; as did people around the world. One little gal stuck 22 feet below the earth’s surface sang songs to herself – while the rest of us prayed and said – stay in the Fight.

I’ve never been stuck anywhere for 58 hours underground, but just recently the world watched as the Thai soccer team was rescued after being trapped for days… they stayed in the Fight– the rescuers stayed in the Fight.

Never ever give up – your Fight, whatever it is, it is worth winning. Fight the Good Fight.

Micah Richardson is a retired Peace Officer and Commander.  He’s a husband of 24 years and father of two amazing kids.  Micah is also a founding member at Operation Innocence, proud American and a Whiskey Patriot.  Micah is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Isaiah Systems Safety Consulting… not to mention a guy who prays … and hopes you will, too.