Jonathan Edwards, The EmPowered Project, The Whiskey Patriots

I’ve often wondered what keeps me from doing the things I want to do. If I am honest with myself, it is almost always something fear-based.

That bothers me even more, because I’m supposed to be this big tough guy. I’ve been in countless fights. I lift heavy weights. I’ve been shot and survived – yet here I am afraid of the “what if”.

Often it requires a bit of introspection before I see things clearly when fear is leading me. I am thankful that my faith, my wife and my tribe continue to push me when I find those moments of fear.

Fear does not rule your life, but to establish dominance over those fears that keep you from who you are meant to be you MUST take action. You must DO something.

You see, it is not in the results that shatter the dominance of fear in our lives; it is in the DOING. The simple choice to take action in that place of fear. We all experience fear but it is often in what we do with that fear that defines us.

We at The EmPowered Project want to create a social media movement of doers. A movement of American patriots willing to DO in the face of their fears in order to be their best for themselves and the world around them.

We want to see the action of you doing work at the gym, you learning, you giving to others, donating to worthy causes, you praying, you playing with your kids.

We want to see you worshipping God, attending a fitness class, eating quality foods AND we want you to hashtag #theempoweredproject and #F2L3 (fit to live, fit to love, fit to lead) to show us the process of becoming your best.

Jonathan Edwards is a former Police officer who was shot in the line of duty. He was diagnosed with PTSD and depression after the shooting and forced to develop effective tools and methods for combating PTSD and its symptoms, which he now shares through The EmPowered Project. 

Jonathan also owns a large functional fitness training facility called Power Athletics in Alpharetta, Georgia with his wife, Heather, and their three children.