How far will this go?

Today, I posted a simple article across my social media networks in an effort to expand the help I bring to veterans. We have all heard about 22 suicides a day, but we know this is both incomplete and not current for today. We also know that unemployment accounts for as much as 20% of worldwide suicides each year. I am a veteran owned and operated company with a single purpose of helping vets transition into high paying IT careers.

I sponsored another veteran owned company to do a veteran answered survey. We work tirelessly each day under a single purpose to “Restore Hope and Purpose” to our heroes.

The article was an invite to vets everywhere to take part of an anonymous survey so we can collect real data that we can use to improve our programs as well as to help the VA, transition services and active duty commanders better prepare those under their watch before they launch into the uncertain world of transitioning back to civilian life.

Below is the post:


We have secured the help of another veteran owned business that specializes in market research to conduct a veteran sponsored, veteran executed and veteran answered survey on the real impact of transitioning.

The survey is completely anonymous, we are not out to collect your personal information, we simply want to ask real people about their experiences. It doesn’t matter if you ETS’d yesterday or 20 years ago.

Why? We feel the transition process is so broken it has become a national security issue. If the military doesn’t make some changes soon, it could affect how many people choose the military in the future.

We see first-hand that many new veterans today have more in common with convicts being released from prison than anyone else.

We want to show real numbers and real data so we can advocate to the government, VA and active duty commanders. We want to help them make this better.


After posting, I decided I would take money from my corporation and sponsor ads on Facebook with the hope I could spread it to more than the followers I have today. This is our hardest challenge – to get people to follow us on social media. We chose not to overcharge for our services just to make profits off the backs of veterans, but this limits the budgets we have for marketing. Every dollar matters, but for things like this we make a priority to spend rather than profit to help more veterans.

What happened next infuriates me.

My ad was “not approved” and I received the following message:

Not Authorized for Ads with Political Content

Your ad was not approved because your Page has not been authorized to run ads with political content.

Here’s what’s preventing your ad from being approved:

The text and/or imagery you’re using is related to politics or an issue of national importance, based on the definition we’re using for enforcement. However, your Page is not authorized to run these types of ads.

…This is an initial list of top-level issues that will be considered to require advertiser authorization and labeling for ads targeting the US. We expect this list may evolve over time.

  • abortion
  • budget
  • civil rights
  • crime
  • economy
  • education
  • energy
  • environment
  • foreign policy
  • government reform
  • guns
  • health
  • immigration
  • infrastructure
  • military
  • poverty
  • social security
  • taxes
  • terrorism
  • values

In order to become authorized I had to increase my authentication methods including adding my personal cell number, give them my government ID (passport or driver’s license) picture front and back.  Then, the most ridiculous. – I had to give them my mailing address where they will send me a letter in 7-10 business days which will include a code. Once I receive that code I will have to enter it in order to post and pay for my ad.

How is it possible that it’s harder to post an ad to help veterans on a publicly traded company’s internet site than to vote for the President of the United States? I so look forward to what the Whiskey Patriot movement has in store. The day I can discontinue using Facebook and their monopoly over free speech will be a major first step to seeing this country move back to who we are meant to be.

The survey can be found here – if you know a veteran please pass this along.

If you would, please follow me on LinkedIn.

And please share, like and comment on our posts. The more of a following we can get there the less I will use Facebook.

Terry Jenkins is the Founder and CEO of ETAC Inc.  He’s a USAF JTAC / TACP Veteran and a proud Whiskey Patriot.