“Love your country more than you hate this president.”

Those were the words urged to Nancy Pelosi by former ICE Acting Director, Tom Homan.

For nearly 3 weeks, the government has been shutdown due to lawmakers’ unwillingness to come to an agreement on the border wall issue.

“Your number one responsibility is to protect Americans and secure our border. We have already shown how a wall, or barrier, can be effective,” said Homan in a FOX interview.

Years ago, Obama had a similar stance on how we should handle those that chose to come to our country illegally. And guess what? Democrats LOVED it and stood by him.

Don’t know what we’re referencing? Here you go.

But suddenly now that Trump says it, Democrats strongly oppose it, protesting for open borders and protected rights to undocumented migrants. Why are American citizens and lawmakers lobbying against their own safety simply so President Trump will fail?

But the message shouldn’t just be for Pelosi. Millions of Americans are stuck in a cycle of hate over the past two years. We will never be 100% in agreement with a sitting president. It just doesn’t happen. But never in our lives have we played witness to such wild attacks on a man’s EVERY MOVE.

Whether it’s his hair blowing in the wind, or a trail of toilet paper on his foot, or a not so eloquently worded sentence…. Trump can literally not escape the media’s criticism on a daily basis. We’ve gotten to the point where most reporting isn’t even relevant information, but rather the “What Silly Thing Did Trump Do Today” show.

When did we get so stubborn that we hoped that our country would fail so that we could say, “I told you so”?

When did we start acting solely on emotion and feelings when it came down to finding solutions to issues that could be solved with hard facts and data?

When did we ever publicly and routinely voice hatred and even death threats against an American leader, and not even for their actions, but just on feelings alone?

It’s time to come together, America. It’s time to settle the differences and find some… ANY common ground to work together in 2019.

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Written by the Whiskey Patriots staff.