Editor Note: The Whiskey Patriots family is committed to sharing the voices of patriotic Americans across the country, even when we don’t necessarily agree with them.  Far too many platforms seek to silence opinions.  We embrace them.  This editorial submission is from a former LEO who requested to remain anonymous due to his ties to the police department in question.

On Thursday, January 24th the law enforcement community was again rocked to learn of the death of Officer Kate Alix of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

At approximately 1 a.m.,  Alix was shot once in the chest and pronounced dead at a local hospital.  This story was made even worse by the fact it was allegedly at the hands of a fellow police officer, Nathan Hendren.

So far, the story being told is that these two were playing a modified version of Russian roulette where they pointed the revolved at one another instead of at themselves.

Let’s start with some basics here.

Both Alix and Hendren have a military background; Alix in the Army, and Hendren a former Marine.  Both were graduates of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Academy and both were police officers at the time of the shooting.

Alix was married, and her husband was working in another district at the time of the shooting.  She was off duty and at Hendren’s apartment.

Hendren was on duty in a two man unit, and left his sector to go to his apartment.

The story so far indicates the second on duty officer left the residence once the gunplay started, and returned after the fatal shot rang out.

So now that we have that covered just take a few moments to process all of this and see where that takes you.  I won’t get into the rumor game here, or put out any information I have received, but as a former LEO, something about this story just doesn’t seem to add up.

This brings me to the bigger issue.  If this weren’t a story involving two police officers, there would be flags thrown all over this by the investigating agency.

The fact that this story is being pushed so hard within a few hours of the shooting is troubling and doesn’t fit with standard operation procedures of agencies.

The police department would’ve been much better off to release nothing at all and say there was an ongoing investigation than to release this arguably completely unbelievable story.  There is such a push to get information out that it didn’t even seem to matter if it was accurate information.

Couple this outrageous story with the newly released letter from Circuit Attorney Kim Garner, and it reeks of a cover up.

Kim Garner is not a favorite of St. Louis law enforcement in the least, but she is certainly raising some serious issues in this case.

For instance, even though there was probable cause to believe drugs and/or alcohol may be involved, the P.D. failed to obtain a blood sample from the on-duty officers, stating the hospital refused to honor a search warrant for the blood draw despite having protocol in place with area hospitals for this common practice.

Instead of a blood draw, investigators administered a breath test and urinalysis which is less accurate. These tests were also administered under Garrity, meaning the results cannot be used in a criminal investigation.

What is even more striking is that I have yet to see one article calling B.S. on any police page.  We need to be just as critical of ourselves in situations like this as we are when officers are falsely accused.  Hell, I’d say more critical when something like this happens.

Listen, I’m well aware this is just one former cop’s own opinion and I am sure we will see plenty more in the comments.  Who knows; maybe the physical evidence will prove me and so many others wrong, but I doubt it.

What I do know for certain is Katlyn Alix’s family shouldn’t have had to hire an attorney to find out the truth in the death of their daughter.

Law enforcement can’t cry foul when people question their credibility, and then put out information like this.  We have an obligation to police our own no matter how ugly it may be.