There are some who believe the United States is undergoing the threat of a soft coup against President Trump, driven by deep state progressives and liberal Democrats in the media and in our government.

Make no mistake- it isn’t a soft coup. It’s an active, in-process treasonous assault against a constitutionally and duly elected President.

But it’s not just a coup against Trump- it’s an overt attack against our American democratic process and the millions of Americans who voted for and support President Trump, his administration and his policies.

Forget for a moment that this coup is, in reality, nothing more than a psychotic tantrum by hysterical leftists who simply don’t like the outcome of the 2016 election. Although their “feelings” are irrelevant, they actually think their irrational and unbalanced emotions are enough to impeach President Trump, or at a minimum, circumvent the Constitution to invalidate his presidency.

There’s a whole slew of democratically elected men and women in Congress who believe this craziness.

Democrat congressman Al Green (9th District, TX) concludes, “The President does not have to commit a crime to be impeached.”

Newsflash, congressman- that’s exactly what would have to happen. For example, like when former Democrat President Bill Clinton lied under oath to a federal grand jury and obstructed justice during the Monica Lewinsky affair. Clinton wasn’t impeached because he wasn’t of upstanding moral character. He committed an impeachment-worthy high crime.

Opining further on the matter, Former Secretary of Labor in the Bill Clinton administration, Robert Reich, says, “…impeachment isn’t an adequate remedy. His [Trump’s] presidency should be annulled.”

Sure, Bob. Just wipe the whole thing away because your feelings are hurt.

Whether or not Reich is more intelligent than congressman Green, Reich seems to have forgotten what he should have learned in his Constitutional law courses at Yale. Nowhere at any law school do they teach aspiring jurists that one’s melodramatic opinion supersedes actual, grown up, constitutional law.

Maybe Reich thinks we may as well go back and “annul” G.W. Bush’s entire 8-year administration since Bush II clearly “stole” the 2000 election from Al Gore. Or Maybe Reich is pulling for current Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta, who is currently 11th in the line of succession to President Trump.

Or, and most likely, Robert Reich is just one of the countless deep state lunatics in the progressive, anti-American cabal of psychotic leftists hoping for America to fail under Trump.

Make no mistake, Patriots- this is more than an existential threat to America. This is the reality we now face, no matter how improbable it seems. These leftist fruitcakes have the fourth estate media on their side, and they are no longer governed by reason, law, rational thought, or the American democratic process.

They actually cling to the hope that the Russians somehow hacked into the minds of the nearly 63 million American voters who legally elected Trump president, causing “Trumpers” to vote against the leftist establishment elitist criminal Hillary Clinton.

Who is the liberal great white hope? Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the more than $20 million taxpayer dollars he has squandered to find no evidence of any high crimes or misdemeanors on the part of the president.

It would be meme-generating comical if it weren’t a real danger to the American Republic. The left is perpetuating lies and falsehoods with such intense frequency that they no longer even care how wrong they are. Their deranged perception is their guiding truth.

Equally funny (yet serious) are the rabid leftist cries for a “civil war.” In light of how lefties worship their rapists-run-amok Hollywood stars, they should consider the following to be a movie trailer so they can understand what’s really at stake.

Let’s be as crystal clear as a snowflake (the natural, beautiful kind, not the pantywaist political kind); the real American patriots have the guts, intelligence, resolve- and GUNS- to end any Civil War II with unprecedented, overwhelming violence. We also have the military- those currently serving and those veterans who’ve proudly served- and we have the vast majority of law abiding law enforcement personnel.

We also have history on our side, and millions of Americans who take seriously the oath that guarantees we will “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

The frothing-at-the-mouth leftists and goofy, fascist ANTIFA wannabe types need to get all this into their undeveloped bodies and seditious pea brains.

To all you constitutionally ignorant “progressives-” including you shrill talking heads in the media- you are now on notice. Keep on pushing America to the brink just because you are stewing in your own crapped-in, failed and filthy diapers. But prepare yourself for those of us who will decisively push back.

You’ve helped awaken the most magnanimous yet dangerous sleeping giant in the history of human civilization. Conservative American Patriots have an overly generous and all too patient slow burn, but once lit, you better pray to your atheist liberal leaders that we don’t ignite.

That’s not a threat. That’s the eventuality you are running headlong toward. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. This will end well for a restored and fortified American Republic, but for you, it will just end.


Submitted by a proud Whiskey Saint.